Interior of spacious bathroom in turquoise blue colour schemes

Latest Bathroom Colour Ideas in the UK

One of the best parts of decorating any interior is choosing the perfect colour for the walls. Choosing the right colour ideas for your bathroom, however, can be an almost impossible decision to make. Especially when there are so many options and you’re faced with the additional challenge of pairing tiles with the wall colour.  If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to bathroom colour schemes, then you’re in the right place.

Below, we cover some of the top bathroom colour schemes that are on-trend right now. From the quintessential white to stunning copper tones, there are lots of beautiful colour ideas that you may never have thought of. Here are some of the best colour schemes that we are loving and you will too.

Whether you are looking to inject personality into the space or simply need to add a new lick of paint, let’s take a look…

1. White

White is fresh, clean, and complimentary for all types of bathroom shapes and sizes. Even if you’re looking for a colour scheme for a small bathroom, white can be a solid option. One of the highlights of using white as a colour palette is that you can pair the neutral shades with all types of furniture.

This simple bathroom colour can actually emphasise the amount of light in the room and open it up. In addition to creating the illusion of extra space, a white bathroom can be accessorised in many different ways. You can incorporate natural woods to complement the white colour choice or choose contrasting matte black extras for a bold look.

If you are hoping to create a stylish monochrome bathroom, white can be incorporated across the surfaces and tiling. This type of bathroom design is very ‘in’ at the moment and has always been a classic. With some modern fittings such as a corner shower stall complete with a rainfall style head or a black vanity unit, you’ll have your very own chic bathroom design.

While a white bathroom colour choice is traditional, white can also seem boring without the right stylistic touches. We recommend adding green plants to bring nature indoors or choosing a bold tiled floor to create a more interesting colour scheme. For a luxury aesthetic, you can also think about choosing marble bathroom tiles that offer a two-tone design and complete any white bathroom suite space perfectly.

White is a great option if you’re looking for a colour that will allow you total free reign over furnishings and accessories. From bath mats to tiles, there are going to be plenty of ways for you to make your bathroom design pop even if you’re sticking with classic white.

2. Neutral

Neutral needn’t be boring as proven in so many beautiful bathroom colour schemes. Whether you go for warm beige shades or an earthy brown wall, any shower room can be transformed using neutral bathroom paint. Neutral bathroom colours also offer a clean look for bathroom walls allowing you to place focus on aspects such as the vanity unit and other bathroom products.

The great news is that neutral bathroom colour ideas aren’t just beige either. In fact, neutral colour schemes include grey, creams, whites, and some pastel colours too.

3. Grey

A grey bathroom can be a brilliant choice if you’re wanting to create a dramatic statement. Not only does a grey colour combination look striking but it can also look elegant too. Darker and lighter shades of grey will have different impacts when it comes to painting a grey bathroom, and choosing the right bathroom tiles can complete the look.

Grey tones are really in when it comes to interior design at the moment and can be seen throughout many high-end bathroom products too. If you don’t want to paint the bathroom walls grey, why not choose a stunning grey free-standing bath? From duck egg blue shades to darker slate colours, each brings about a unique look.

When looking for bathroom colour ideas that incorporate grey, don’t be afraid to go for darker options on the colour wheel. A dark shade can look stunning on the main wall and dark grey tiles can really complete a contemporary built-in shower. Grey colour schemes can be the ideal way to create a modern or classic space depending on what finish you want.

4. Copper

Copper tones can be the perfect way to complete any monochrome bathroom. These tones work perfectly in a home with white and black wall shades which makes for a fantastic colour combination overall. Copper colour ideas can work particularly well in red-bricked or industrial-themed bathrooms too.

One of the easiest ways to utilise copper in the bathroom is by showing off plumbing pipes. While exposed copper piping work isn’t for everyone, it nonetheless looks very unique. Copper piping also works well with a range of bathroom colour schemes inclusive of classic white, darker colours such as grey, black, and red. No matter the bathroom colour that you choose, copper piping may be a beautiful addition.

Copper freestanding baths can also create a stunning look in any bathroom, especially when matched with complimentary bathroom lighting. There are a number of ways in which you can introduce copper colours into bathrooms through smaller fittings such as taps and towel hooks too. As one of the top trending bathroom colour schemes, now is a great time to get experimental!

5. Black and White

Monochrome bathrooms work wonderfully well in all types of settings. Whether you are looking to create a black and white colour scheme in your own bathroom or want to be inspired, monochrome can be the way to go. Monochrome bathroom colour choices take inspiration from the catwalk and bring it into our homes.

Black and white work wonderfully together, as seen in the ying and yang and many other combinations. The contrast of the two colours draws on modern bathroom designs while also keeping in line with a traditional aesthetic – if that’s what you like.

By choosing to tile your walls with black and white designs you are guaranteed to make an impact no matter the rest of the bathroom fixtures. A white freestanding bath can look beautiful on black tiles while monochrome accent colours can be introduced in smaller decor pieces too. One way to do this could be to choose a striking black and white vase or a feature wallpaper if you don’t want to go for tiles.


6. Black

While a black colour scheme probably isn’t the way to go when decorating a small bathroom, black can be used strikingly in a larger bathroom. A black freestanding bath can add a luxurious and alternative touch to any bathroom colour scheme, especially when against monochrome tiles.

A statement black sink can really tie together your darker bathroom colours, especially if you’re using a combo of whites and grey tones too. Generally speaking, grey bathrooms have a higher impact when black colours are used, such as a shower head and taps.

Black showers are very fashionable at the moment and, with a matte finish, they can complete any modern bathroom scheme. If you want to go for a natural look, why not introduce slate or stone tiles to add extra dark shades and bring the look together?

7. Green

Though green may not strike you as an immediate colour choice for a bathroom, green tones are so in when it comes to interiors. Green should be considered if you’re looking to create a unique bathroom colour scheme, and there are lots of different shades to choose from. From pastel green sinks to dark forest green walls, there are lots of beautiful greens to choose from on the colour wheel.

If you’re looking for a green bathroom idea, focus on the tiles. Geometric green tiles can look great against a white wall and are very on trend right now. A green bathroom colour scheme is extremely relaxing for the senses, especially when elements of real nature are introduced. Palms and larger potted plants look beautiful against green tiles so consider bringing them into the space.

You can also find an array of stunning bathroom accessories inclusive of plush bath mats and artwork for the walls to add further character to the space. If you are going for wallpaper in the bathroom and want to create an accent wall, consider a leafy bold print to complete the scheme.

8. Blue

Blue is the colour to go for if you want to create a typical nautical theme – paired with white of course. As one of the most popular bathroom colour schemes, blue reflects the idea of water and can bring about serenity. A blue bathroom can be achieved in many different ways too. Perhaps you want to bring in some turquoise tiles or go for a white bathroom with darker blue accessories.

Many modern bathroom designs also utilise the colour blue in different ways. Dark blue can be used to create a feature wall or a blue detailed art deco wallpaper may be the perfect option. Blue bathroom colour designs are very much still in fashion as they have always been and there are many ways to use this scheme.

A white bathroom can look fantastic with blue accents such as tiles, decor, and accessories. As one of the most common bathroom colours, this is a great option for those that love a bit of colour. Blue bathrooms can look classy and create a true feeling of calmness for relaxing in the tub.

9. Metal

When looking for ideas for bathroom colours, you may be overlooking the fixtures and fittings that can complete the look. In fact, you should always consider bathroom furniture and accessories when planning bathroom colour schemes. In a grey bathroom, for example, chrome fittings can finish off the design beautifully.

Think about the overall look of the bathroom and what you want to achieve to get an idea of the products you should bring into the room. Any bathroom can be transformed aesthetically with a few chrome accents such as taps, shower rails, and vanity handles to name a few.

A white bathroom can be instantly updated if you opt for chrome colours rather than using wood for example, while the same stands for a grey bathroom too. Accessories such as a mirror can also add to the metal surfaces seen in a bathroom and give an instant modern vibe.


Have you got some questions surrounding colour bathroom ideas? We’ve put together some answers for several of the most frequently asked questions below. From the colour recommendations for a particular aesthetic to finishing touches that you can incorporate, we have you covered in all areas!

What is a good colour for a bathroom?

When choosing a colour for your bathroom, it almost always comes down to personal preference. Some people may choose grey bathrooms over a white bathroom if they have small children as the walls can be less easy to mark with dirt. No matter the colour that you decide on for your bathroom, there are many ways in which you can create a styled bathroom look.

From the colours of the tiles to the accent colour such as chrome and metals, always consider the entire room rather than just the walls. We recommend a neutral colour for the bathroom if you are unsure about going with a brighter colour. You can always paint bathroom furniture or choose contrasting colours in the case of your bath.

What are the new colours for bathrooms?

If you’re curious about the most fashionable colours for bathrooms right now, there are plenty to choose from. Black and white or monochrome continues to be a classic combination of shades that are still as popular as ever in the bathroom. Adding instant character to bathrooms, black and white work in a way that simply works. Whether you choose the traditional checkerboard tiles or go for a feature colour wall – the choice is up to you.

Monochromatic grey bathrooms are super trendy at the moment too, with the shade adding a dramatic feel to any bathroom space. Go for dark slate greys to really up the sophistication or stick with lighter greys for a fresh and airy feel.

We love the current earthy green colour options that can be seen in a range of bathrooms. Bringing the outside indoors, the splash of green is enough to perfectly and effectively create peace after a long day at work. Consider introducing green plants and accessories in your white bathroom if you’re not brave enough to paint the room’s walls entirely.

What is the best colour for a bathroom in Feng Shui?

If you want to create your very own Feng Shui space in your bathroom, go for lighter colour shades. Pastels can work brilliantly to bring about a serene atmosphere and pastel green looks particularly pretty with dark wood. Feng Shui centres heavily around nature and therefore you should definitely keep this in mind when choosing the colour for the walls.

Blues and lighter earthy tones can also work wonderfully in this type of bathroom setting too. Blue is classically associated with the ocean or flowing water and incorporating this colour into your bathroom can create a Feng Shui aesthetic.

The biggest feature of any Feng Shui bathroom is finding the perfect bath to complement the scheme. We recommend going for a neutral white colour so that you can decorate the rest of the room accordingly.

How can I add colour to my bathroom?

If you’re looking to change your bathroom colour scheme or want to add colour in a different way than painting, there are plenty of ways to do this. First and foremost, you can tile the shower area to add colour without the need to paint the entire space. Or, if you do want colour on the walls, consider creating an accent wall (this will cost less too!).

When looking for bathroom colour schemes, you’ll likely notice that many bathroom ideas use accessories to bring in colour too. When setting your scheme, think about introducing a splash of colour in bathroom furniture or the flooring. Think about displaying items such as colourful towels, for example, on a rail or lining up some patterned vases, candles, or dried flowers if you’re trying to create a shabby chic feel.

If you want to keep walls white, art work such as prints can be a great way to bring some colour into the scheme and statement furniture can be too. A beautiful floral chair in the corner or a rug underneath the bath can be a simple way to add extra appeal to the eyes. No matter the colour scheme that you want to create, think outside the box and don’t forget the finishing touches as they can make any bathroom feel complete.