Buyer’s Guide: How to Select a Toilet

Bath Furniture SetsNowadays, there is such a varied selection of toilets to choose from that choosing what kind of toilet to install in your bathroom can be more complicated than anticipated. From wall hung toilets to corner toilets, with a range of modern and traditional flushes the decision can take longer than expected. As always, right from the planning and design stage you need to think about what you want to achieve from the bathroom as a whole. Consider how the toilet will look compared the rest of the suite and décor. Read on for more help with how to select a toilet! In our buyers guide we aim to simplify the vast range available and help you decide which type of bathroom toilet might best suit your given bathroom space.

How to Select a Toilet to Best Suit Your Home?

Traditional Toilets

Traditional ToiletsIf the rest of your home has a vintage theme, or you live in a rural cottage and long for classic designs, then a traditional toilet is probably the best choice to keep the essence of the home. Traditional toilets tend to be more decorative in design both around the base of the pan and the cistern. Although modern toilets are growing in popularity, an old fashioned cistern lever system adds a touch of class to any home, especially if you have gone for a Victorian or Georgian interior design style. Or if you fancy a toilet that has a touch of grandeur then our range of high toilets can add a lavish look to the bathroom.

One of the most common reasons people don’t opt for traditional lever toilets anymore is because they believe they will not be as efficient or fitted with eco-friendly features. This is no longer the case; most toilets installed nowadays have the environmentally friendly dual flush system, regardless of style, which will save you both water and money.

Modern Toilets

Cloakroom SuiteFor the more contemporary home, a modern toilet and bathroom suite is a must. Close coupled toilets are the usual choice; meaning the cistern and toilet are combined into one unit, providing a minimalist design. The majority of modern toilets are designed like this, as they are easier to maintain and install. Modern toilets come in all different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes from smooth curved minimalist styles to more bold geometric shaped toilets. Modern toilets also feature dual flush mechanisms plus added innovative features such as soft close toilet seats.

What Other Things Should I Consider When Choosing a Toilet?

Toilet Shape

Vitra SunriseThe shape of the toilet may seem irrelevant, but to achieve a harmonized bathroom you need to ensure the shape matches the rest of the suite. For example, a square shaped toilet will look strange in a bathroom with a circular basin and rounded features. For the height of minimalism, home owners should opt for back to wall toilets or a wall hung design. With both of these designs of toilet the hidden pipe work gives the room a slick and stylish effect, and wall hung toilets free up floor space to make the room appear larger and more spacious. Wall hung toilets do require the use of wall hung toilet frames which sit behind the wall to conceal the unsightly pipe work. These frames provide you with a solid structure on which to mount your toilet and hide the cistern and soil pipe from view. These concealed cisterns ensure that your toilet has a more contemporary look to it.

Space Saving Solutions

Corner ToiletsTo create more space in particularly small bathrooms, such as en-suites or downstairs toilet rooms, a corner toilet could be the ideal option. The pioneering design fits perfectly on a right angle, meaning with a fitted corner toilet you could free up much needed space elsewhere in the room. A corner toilet can also be complemented with a corner basin to finish off the room. These clever designs utilise the unused area of the bathroom which is why corner toilets are becoming more popular. Even in larger bathrooms we are finding that people will fir a corner toilet to allow for a bigger bath or shower enclosure. Smaller Toilet

Another clever space saving design is the range of small toilets we have available. Don’t worry, they aren’t just for small children they are simply the smallest dimensions a standard toilet can be made to. They save you those extra inches on the dimensions of the pan or cistern and also come with short projections so that are taking up the smallest amount of space possible in your bathroom. Like the corner toilets often people choose these small toilets to gain more space for larger bathroom items. Toilets are a bathroom necessity but they need not command too much space when planning your bathroom design.

Looking for something a little Different?

RAK MetropolitanFor the unconventional home owners who crave something a little different, the vast array of modern toilets available should encompass something for the even the most unique taste. While almost all bathrooms showcase a white toilet and bathroom suite, it is possible to purchase a black toilet in a sleek high gloss finish. There is also some very interesting sharp angles and shapes in contemporary toilet designs that can be incorporated into the distinguishable bathroom. BidetBidets are also making a comeback in modern homes becoming a sought after item for larger bathrooms with the space to accommodate them. Just because they are an old fashioned item doesn’t mean they are exclusively traditional in style. Our range of bidets comes in modern versions too with both floor standing and wall hung versions available alongside the more classic designs.

Commercial Toilets

Commercial Toilets If you are looking for toilets for a commercial setting such as a restaurant or school then our decent range of commercial toilets will prove ideal. We have both joined and single urinals available in a range of different shapes to best suit the given bathroom space.

Hopefully this guide will begin to point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting the ideal toilet for your bathroom. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident that we will have something to suit every taste or need and fit in with the vast range of bathroom suites now available.