Commercial Toilets

It is not just your personal spaces that we provide bathroom toilets for we are now extending our selection into the commercial washrooms too. A variety of different places can benefit from the purchase of our commercial toilets. We stock a selection of quality urinals for sale in various shapes and sizes, suitable for both commercial and private use. These are high quality commercial toilets and urinals offered at very competitive prices from the leading manufacturers in the market; RAK and Arley Professional, which would make a valuable addition to any commercial washroom.

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Commercial Washrooms


Within the RAK range we stock two very different urinals. The Shino urinal has a minimalist rounded design which is wall hung and will suit quite small bathroom areas. The Series 600 urinal is more chunky and geometric in shape but is also wall hung. Both of these quality commercial toilets are aesthetically pleasing and durable coming with a 25 year guarantee as standard. Also available from RAK are two styles of wall mounted urinal partition panels which give the users privacy if placed in a communal setting.

Arley Professional

The Arley range of commercial urinals are manufactured in a high quality white ceramic and come with an exposed system. The Urinal is available in a 1, 2, 3 or 4 set in which the urinals are all connected to the same cistern. All of these come with the screw to wall fastenings included along with the plastic cistern. These commercial toilet sets are offered at a very reasonable price. Also in the Arley range is a rounded wall hung ceramic unit which is ideal for areas where just one urinal is required.

We hope you find what you are looking for in our ever expanding range of commercial toilets and urinals for sale where we aim to find the perfect mix of style and functionality for your commercial washroom.