Small Toilets


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bathroom; the majority of us could really do with a little bit more floor space in quite often the smallest room of the house. Short projection back to wall toilets and corner toilets are a good way of achieving this. These compact toilets are designed to protrude into the bathroom a minimal amount. Infact one of our best selling cloakroom toilets for small spaces is the Rak 600 Toilet. The range of space saving toilets we have here at Bella Bathrooms will help you gain those very important few centimetres and are perfect for cloakrooms. Our extensive small toilets UK range will provide the perfect match for your bathroom regardless of style too.

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Small Toilet Designs

Here at Bella Bathrooms we aim to provide you with a range of small toilet designs to best suit your given bathroom or cloakroom suite. I know what you are thinking you have a picture in your head of the small toilets at an infant school; however these are full size where it counts, and have cut down on the dimensions of the not so important parts, like the depth of the cistern. If a space saving toilet will make all the difference to your bathroom, look no further, we have a fantastic selection of compact versions on offer.

We have in stock a wide variety of styles developed by manufacturers who are leading the way in bathroom design, especially for small bathrooms. Just because it’s a small toilet in terms of size dimensions it doesn't mean it’s not luxurious. The majority of these modern compact versions feature dual flush mechanisms and soft closing seats to add opulence to your bathroom space. Choosing wisely can really help you gain those vital extra inches in your bathroom or cloakroom.

Small Close Coupled Toilets

This compact toilet is the same form as a regular types except it is made to smaller dimensions to take up a minimal amount of space in the bathroom.

Cloakroom Toilets

As the name suggests these are suitable for additional bathroom spaces such as a cloakroom or en-suite where space is at a premium.

Back to Wall Toilets

This space saving design features a hidden cistern behind the bathroom wall or within a WC unit which gives the impression of more space in your bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilets

These feature a back to wall design yet it appears to float in the bathroom due to being ‘wall hung’ thus creating the illusion of additional space by the visible floor space in your bathroom.

Short Projection Toilets

The ultimate in space saving design a short projection toilet protrudes into the bathroom space the minimum amount possible with designs featuring a projection as short as 460mm. The RAK Series 600mm range continues to be one of our best sellers.

Whatever style you are searching for we will have the ideal match for you in our varied bathroom toilets range. From traditional to modern designs we can provide you with the perfect solution for your small bathroom or cloakroom.