Walk in Showers

Do you love the simplicity of a contemporary glass screen forming your shower enclosure? A walk in shower with its elegant shower screens might be just the bathroom item for you. When it comes to the ultimate shower experience in your bathroom look no further than walk in shower enclosures to create a grand showering space for your bathroom. These fantastic shower enclosures provide contemporary styling with minimalist glass screens and will make your bathroom the envy of everybody, with little or no moving parts or doors they are relatively maintenance free. A walk in shower has no door just a glass screen meaning you can freely walk in and out of your new shower enclosure without any restrictions along with this airy glass screen enclosure making your entire bathroom feel larger.

What is Available in the Walk in Showers Range?

  • Frameless Walk in Shower Enclosure
  • Single Panel Walk in Shower Enclosure
  • Double Panel Walk in Shower Enclosure
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Set Descending Direction

What to Consider when Choosing a Walk in Shower:

With a generous range of walk in shower screens we are confident we can help you create the perfect shower enclosure. Whether you wish to find walk in showers for small bathrooms or a walk in shower screen large enough to house a double shower we will have the suitable walk in shower designs for your bathroom.

Let us help you to select the perfect enclosure from our fabulous walk in shower enclosure range. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a smart range of walk in showers that will bring any bathroom into the modern era. Enclosures are available with both a single glass screen and double glass screen so that you can choose a style to suit your bathroom space. Choose between both a straight screen and a curved screen to match your shower enclosure design to other items in your bathroom.

If you are looking for a shower enclosure that is a walk in shower that gives you the best of both worlds then the Frontline Aquaglass Closing Walk in Shower Enclosure will be perfect. The curved glass panel that surrounds the shower has a magnetic closing side panel which forms a semi enclosed cubicle that boasts modern style yet functionality. A stylish glass enclosure can really add class to your bathroom and also the clear glass will easily match a huge variety of bathroom decors.

Why Choose a Walk in Shower?

Walk in shower enclosures really provide you with an indulgent shower experience and are a perfect enclosure to suit minimal styling. Who wouldn’t want to walk straight in and out of their shower enclosure?

Lighten Your Space

The beautiful glass screen enclosure that edges your walk in shower is fitted with safety glass and can really help reflect natural light around a room. An additional side glass screen can be a useful addition in smaller bathrooms to ensure your walk in enclosure retains any excess spray from the shower. The attractive glass screen shields the rest of your room from any excess water keeping the rest of your bathroom pristine. Walk in showers are ideal for larger bathrooms as this style of enclosure commands a similar space to a bath, most feature an incorporated drying area meaning that there will be no more stepping out of the shower into the cold air again.

Flexibility of Installation

Some walk in shower enclosures can be installed in two ways, either onto a tray or directly onto the floor if you are trying to create a wet room. Enclosures like a walk in shower where the glass screen is installed directly to the floor are more easily accessible and the simple glass screen is easier to maintain and create a more discreet shower enclosure. Some of these showers come with the Clean & Clear™ glass protection system which creates a 'non-stick' surface on the glass screen that resists lime scale build-up along with water spots and reduces bacteria on the glass screen. This keeps the glass screen of your enclosure not just looking great but also more hygienic.

Minimalist Styling

This minimal elegance of a walk in shower really stands these shower enclosures out in your bathroom with a sleek glass screen distinguishing your shower enclosure. Walk in showers have become popular due to the increase in people wanting a separate shower enclosure in the bathroom. View our range of walk in shower ideas and create a walk in shower cubicle that will be the envy of any guests that visit your bathroom.

No matter what style of walk in shower enclosure you are looking for at Bella Bathrooms, our stunning range means we are sure to have the perfect one for you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the different styles available all offered from leading UK manufacturers’ with lifetime guarantees as standard. This means your bathroom will not only be top of the tree for design but also fantastic quality too.