People Love Their Tablets

In a quest to see just how popular the tablet has become we took to the historical streets of Durham.
Armed with just a clipboard and pen we asked 100 people 10 questions about their tablets.

Tablet Questionnaire:

  • 1. Do you own a tablet?
  • 2. Do you access social networks with your tablet?
  • 3. Do you use your tablet to listen to music?
  • 4. What about viewing movies?
  • 5. Do you read books on your tablet?
  • 6. Have you ever used your tablet while on the toilet?
  • 7. What about in the bath?
  • 8. Do you use your tablet to make purchases with online?
  • 9. What size screen is your tablet?
  • 10. How much time do you spend on your tablet a day?

It was quite surprising to see how many people used their tablets in the bathroom, particularly the bath, which we don’t recommend anyone should do.

Infographic on just how popular the tablet has become.

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