How To Fit A Shower Tray

How To Fit A Shower Tray

How To Fit A Shower Tray

You may have an existing shower tray you want to replace, or you may be starting from scratch.

1. Measure Your Bathroom

If you are starting from scratch you will need to measure your bathroom out, this will determine the size of the shower tray that can be installed. It’s important to take into account the location of your door. This must be able to swing open fully. You should also consider the proximity of all your bathroom facilities, such as the toilet and wash basin.

2. Consider Plumbing & Electrical Requirements

You will need to consider water and waste pipes, along with any electrical requirements when deciding where to place your shower, depending on if you are having a power or pumped shower.


3. Choose What Style Shower Tray You’d Like

Showers trays come in many different shapes, sizes and materials and you can view our extensive range of shower trays online. We recommend choosing the largest your bathroom will allow. If you’re working in a bathroom with less space to play with, the smallest tray is 700mm x 700mm.


4. There are 2 main ways to fit the shower tray


The first way is with legs, this raises the shower tray from the floor, giving you room underneath the tray to work with waste pipes.


The second way is to place the tray on a solid screened floor. There will be some preparation work in getting the floor level and ensuring the waste pipes are properly connected, ready for the tray to be installed on top.

5. The Most Important Aspect: Make sure that the tray is level, ready for tiling.

If the tray is not level, this will affect the tiling work, making it uneven. Making sure it’s level is essential.

6. Choose Trap – Dome trap or standard waste

Depending on your environment you will need to choose which shower waste trap you need.

Once the shower tray is in place you can choose from a wide variety of shower enclosures here at Bella Bathrooms to help you build your dream shower!

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