Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

With water becoming increasingly precious isn’t it time you thought about how you can help your pocket, and more importantly the environment. We all take for granted that we have fresh clean water available at all times – literally on tap – that we often don’t make an effort to minimise our water usage. By making small changes to not only your bathroom suite but indeed throughout your entire home you can you save yourself money plus you will also be doing your bit for the environment. Lots of bathroom items are now designed with water saving mechanisms to improve the amount of water we waste such as dual flush mechanisms on toilets and eco flow heads for showers. As we are all becoming more environmentally friendly it is important to consider how you could save water when installing a new bathroom.

Infographic showing different ways to save water in the bathroom

So first things first how much do we consume on a daily basis? And what can we all do to reduce waste and save water? This straightforward infographic will help you identify simple changes you can make, and if we all followed it what a better place the world be. From choosing smaller baths or shower enclosures to implementing water saving mechanisms we can all aim to be more water efficient!

If you want some further tips for saving water then you may find our top 5 reasons to shower blog an interesting read. As we all try to become more energy efficient and save water these handy tips will ensure that you can do your bit.