Preparing your Bathroom for Guests!

Whether you’re sharing your home with guests and relatives, or simply inviting a few friends over regularly, you’ll want to ensure that your home is comfortable and inviting. The bathroom plays a large part in this as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. A clean bathroom tells your guests that your home is well-maintained and a safe place to stay. So here are a few tips to ensure your bathroom will be as welcoming to your guests as you are.

Preparing Your Bathroom


It may be an obvious place to start. However making sure that your white bathroom suite is clean is essential to creating a good impression. But don’t just stick to your usual cleaning routine! Have a think about what your guests will be looking at while they’re visiting the room. Does that skirting board need wiping? How about the underside of the sink bowl? What about the panels of the shower enclosure? Just putting a few extra minutes effort into cleaning will help it stay sparkling and smelling fresh when friends come to visit.


While you’re cleaning, take time out to put all those bottles of shampoo and bubble bath away. Put them in the bathroom cabinet rather than leaving them sitting on the side of the bath or inside the shower cubicle. Throw out any empty bottles, recycle cardboard loo-roll centres and remove used toothpaste tubes. Be sure to straighten up your hand towels too to make a good impression.


On the subject of towels, make sure that any guest towels are freshly washed. In addition ensure they are neatly folded or hung ready for use. Towels can be fluffed up in the tumble dryer with some drying balls. Perhaps now would be a good time to invest in a couple of new hand towels. This will help to create a good first impression in your bathroom. A luxurious hand wash or soap will be a great addition to your sink. You can even buy coordinating soap holders, pump bottles and tooth-brush pots to create the impression of a stylish makeover. Adding a couple of scented candles will always bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. It can help to create a spa like feel in your own home.


Now is the time to get any small repairs done that you’ve been putting off for a while. It will be good if the lock on the door works the next time your guests use the bathroom! And that flush-handle could be tightened up to ensure it doesn’t break off at just the wrong moment. You can remove limescale or mineral deposits from drippy shower heads by soaking in a white vinegar solution – see our DIY cleaning post. Or simply replace the shower head to ensure that it works properly when your guests are using it. A mouldy or discoloured silicone seal around the shower can be easily resolved by stripping it out and re-sealing. It will make all the difference to the feeling of cleanliness in your bathroom.

What niggling jobs have you been putting off that you’ll be tackling before guests arrive? Have you got any suggestions for other ways to prepare your home? Please get in touch and tweet us with your ideas @BellaBathrooms – we’d love to hear from you!