Scudo Shires shower tray installed into the corner of a bathroom.

Scudo Shires Eco-Stone Shower Trays for a Greener Future

Introducing the luxurious Shires Bathrooms Trays, meticulously crafted from a remarkable blend of mineral compounds and resin. These exquisite trays showcase a 30mm thickness, offering unrivalled durability. Their gel coat exterior layer has been expertly thermally fused, ensuring maximum strength.

Eco-Stone: Sustainable Shower Trays for a Greener Future

Shires Eco-Stone shower trays combine exceptional quality with a conscious approach to protecting our environment. Join us in creating a greener future, one shower at a time.

Gel Coat Finish

The Eco-Stone gel coat technology is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional unrecyclable methods using acrylic skins with stone resin filler. This can save up to 700,000 sheets of acrylic annually, equating to an astounding 1.4 million kg of plastic from polluting our environment.

Environmentally Conscious Filler

Eco-Stone shower trays feature limestone powder as the primary filler. To further enhance sustainability, these trays incorporate up to 30% recycled content, utilizing waste fragments from glass production that would have otherwise been destined for landfills. This eco-friendly approach ensures a reduced carbon footprint while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Say Goodbye to Delamination

Unlike acrylic shower trays prone to delamination, our gel coat finish provides a reliable solution. Delamination, where the acrylic skin separates from the stone filler, causing bubbles and rendering the tray unusable, is a problem you won’t encounter with our superior gel coat technology.