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Shower Trays


It’s very unusual these days to walk into a typical bathroom and discover there’s no shower enclosure. A separate shower enclosure is highly sought after in modern bathroom spaces and as a result, the sale of shower trays is increasing. And while demand for a shower over a bath has risen, the quality of design and range of shower trays available has done so accordingly. Choosing the correct shower base for your enclosure is important whether you want to find a walk in shower tray, a small shower tray for an en suite bathroom or a top brand item such as the range of Mira trays available to create your luxury shower cubicle. Shower enclosure with tray options are provided to help you best match. View our extensive range and we are confident you will find the ideal base for your enclosure.

Hi I’m Shaun and I’m here to tell to you about the generous range of shower trays we have on offer here at Bella Bathrooms. We are proud to supply superior quality trays from the UK’s leading manufacturer’s with one of the largest stock selections available online. We have a great selection of Square, Rectangular, Quadrant, And Offset Quadrant Shower trays to suit a range of different bathroom shapes. We have an extensive range of shower tray sizes. A small shower tray is ideal for an en suite bathroom space. Our trays start 700 x 700mm right up to 1700 x 900mm trays which are perfect for creating a walk in shower or wet room. Modern shower trays also come in a range of different profile heights. We have slim profiles from only 25mm making them ideal for designer bathrooms right up to the more standard profiles of 90mm. We also sell a range of riser kits to make installation simple if your waste is above floor height. These stylish trays are made from a selection of high quality stone resin or acrylic. They are a long lasting and come with lengthy manufacturer’s guarantees.
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What Shape Shower Trays are Available?

  • Rectangular
  • Quadrant
  • Offset Quadrant
  • Square

Which Type of Tray will Suit your Bathroom?

Shower trays have been developed to fit a variety of bathroom designs from clever space saving quadrant designs to more elaborate offset quadrant for large family bathrooms. Choose from a range of shower trays sizes and heights to create the perfect shower enclosure for you. The smallest shower tray is ideal for an additional shower room whilst a generous rectangular deign will help you create a larger showering space in a family bathroom. Don't forget to consider which shower door style will best suit your bathroom when choosing the ideal enclosure too. There are also a range of different finishes from pearlstone resin to gel coating to ensure your tray is not only a stylish addition to your bathroom but is also a durable too. Here is a rundown on the different types to choose from;


The rectangular shower tray covers a larger floor area allowing for a much more generous showering area and tends to be more suited for larger bathrooms and wet rooms. A walk in shower is becoming a more popular choice for modern bathrooms.


A Quadrant tray comprises two straight edges with a curve to the front making it an excellent choice for smaller space-compromised bathrooms. The curved front also provides slightly more space within an enclosure than a square tray would giving you a more generous showering area.

Offset Quadrant

If space-saving isn’t a necessity for a corner shower unit in your bathroom then an offset quadrant can prove ideal. This is because it’s just as stylish, but roomier than a quadrant tray. It also comes in a range of sizes together with left and right handed options so that it can best fit your bathroom space.


The most popular shape of tray on the market today, the square version is available in a wide range of sizes, from 700mm x 700mm all the way up to 1000mm x 1000mm. Square trays can be adapted to fit in corners, recesses, alcoves and even to form a central piece. From small to large bathrooms, this is the shower tray you’ll more commonly find.

What Different Height Shower Trays are Available?

  • Low Profile
  • Standard
  • Easy Plumb

All of our shower trays offer you a quality product with plenty of choice to give you the perfect base for your enclosure. These days it isn’t just size and shape that’s an option when it comes to choosing a shower tray for your bathroom, height can also be selected. At Bella Bathrooms we currently stock three main types for you to view:

Low profile

These minimalist style trays are in keeping with more modern trends and are gradually replacing older and standard versions in most bathrooms today. This style is as close to having a wet room feeling whilst still keeping the excess water contained. Low profile shower trays are becoming more popular as people aim to create contemporary style bathrooms.


Standard trays have a height of around 80mm (compared to 45mm for low profile) and are still popular in many bathrooms today. Standard trays can still come in a variety of different styles and shapes to suit your bathroom. You will be surprised at the range available that will suit any bathroom style.

Easy plumb

In addition to low profile and standard height trays here at Bella Bathrooms we also stock kits from a number of respected bathroom manufacturers which are designed to increase the height of your bathroom tray. This has the advantage of making plumbing far easier due to the fact that it provides additional space for pipework beneath the base.

Whatever style, size or height of shower tray you choose from it’s all worth remembering that once a shower cubicle is installed on top of it, it’s always going to look a lot bigger and make more of an impact in your bathroom. View our range of shower trays and we are sure you will find the perfect accessory for your bathroom.

No shower enclosure is complete without a suitable shower tray to accompany it! Read our Buyer's Guide: Shower Trays to help you decide which shape you wish to install in your own bathroom.