Shower Baths For A Smaller Bathroom Space

Shower Baths for Smaller Bathrooms

Shower Baths for a Smaller Bathroom SpaceWhether we like it or not, the majority of bathrooms are relatively small, and therefore cannot fit in both a bath and a shower. Therefore a popular addition to smaller bathroom suites is a shower bath. Shower baths vary greatly in terms of shape and size. The most popular choices are L shaped shower baths and P shaped shower baths. These offer you both ample space for a long soak in the bath as well as a large, extended showering space.

Your showering space can then be protected by a stylish shower curtain or perhaps a sleek, chic bath screen. These are also available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your shower bath and bathroom style accordingly. Bella Bathrooms provides a range of great quality small baths, designed especially to last the test of time. We understand that a bath is a relatively permanent fixture in the bathroom, therefore it should be of the highest quality to ensure that it not only lasts, but will look stylish and as good as new for as long as possible.

Browse our extensive range shower baths today to add great functionality to a smaller bathroom space. We also offer a range of whirlpool baths for the modern bathroom for the ultimate touch of luxury.