Modern Bathroom Mirrors: The Evolving Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors have long been a good investment for your bathroom space as they help to create a feeling of spaciousness by reflecting the natural light around a room. They are also vital for you to carry out your daily bathroom routine successfully. As with all bathroom items modern mirrors are evolving to feature extra luxuries and functions to enhance the functionality of your bathroom. Lighting on mirrors is one of the most basic advances in the mirror market in comparison to the extra add-ons available now. A high tech bathroom mirror could well become one of the most sought after contemporary bathroom accessories. Read on to see what is found in the ever evolving modern bathroom mirrors market.  Bringing that luxury to your bathroom and finding out what advances we can expect in the future.

What Features are Available on Modern Bathroom Mirrors?

LED/Backlit Mirrors

Additional lighting on a mirror has been popular feature for a good while now as it helps to illuminate the mirror for the user. These modern LED lights are a light source that aids your daily routine and they tend to be behind the mirror or around the edges. The light helps to create a balanced lighting to assist you in applying your make up or trimming your beard which is more effective than the overhead lighting previously seen as most popular. This is especially beneficial in bathroom spaces with little or no natural light. LED lights also create less glare than standard lighting which can help to create an ambient lighting for you to relax away in your bathroom.

LED lights will only continue to flourish in the modern market due to the fact they are more energy efficient. They provide excellent illumination whilst reducing your energy consumption. We stock a wide range of LED mirrors available in both portrait and landscape orientation and also in a variety of different shapes. The choice doesn’t end there with the range of different styles of mirror from ultra modern to more traditional there is one to suit every bathroom space.

Mirrors with Music

Tenor Audio Bathroom Mirror
Within our range of bathroom mirrors you will find four different designs of mirrors that feature a function to play your music via Bluetooth. This means you can really set the tone for your bathroom through the form of sound whether you wish to create a tranquil relaxing time or an invigorating wake me up. The sound is played through integrated stereo speakers within the mirror unit.

Check out our Tenor Illuminated Bluetooth Audio Bathroom Mirror for a bathroom mirror that truly has it all. Complete with a DAB/FM radio tuner and Bluetooth player that are remote controlled along with a demister pad and digital clock. Not to forget the LED lighting with hands free control you can create the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom. Who knew bathroom mirrors could be so high spec?
Ultra Portal Backlit Mirror
We also have the Ultra Portal Backlit Mirror which plays music through a USB port and features a touch control panel to let you control the sound. The concealed speakers on this mirror help to keep it looking sleek and modern within your bathroom. This mirror also features a digital clock and a useful shelf to store those bathroom essential close to hand.

Mirrors with Sensors

Touch sensor mirrors help to create a more minimalist look to your bathroom with controls similar to those seen on modern phones and tablets. A sensor in the main mirror responds with a slight touch to turn the light on and then back off again. For an even more modern touch infrared motion sensors detect your presence at the mirror and turn the mirror on/off accordingly. This is useful if you have wet hands as you then won’t leave a mark on the mirror.

Mirrors with Demister Pads

It’s not ideal with our busy lifestyles to get out of your warm shower to find that you can’t complete your daily routine until your mirror is free of the condensation that forms when warm moist air is present, and we all know that wiping it only leaves the mirror smeared later. Demister pads are heated mirror pads that keep the mirror warm thus preventing the condensation from forming. These pads are efficient enough that they should be warm up within a couple of minutes of being switched on. They are easy to fit and can be added to most mirrors. However they are now a common feature on many modern bathroom mirrors such as those in our heated mirror range.

Mirrors with 3D Effect

For a mirror that isn’t just useful for its standard function choose a 3D effect mirror to create a really stunning and contemporary focal point for your bathroom. These 3D mirrors have LED lights which when illuminated look as though they go on forever and create a modern spectacle for your bathroom.

Mirrors with Magnifying Inset

HiB Optical Bathroom Mirror
Magnifying areas of your face can help with shaving or applying certain lotions and potions and such mirrors have long been available but there is a modern trend towards standard mirrors featuring a useful magnifying inset. This is preferable to a whole mirror magnifying all of your face as it’s not what we all want to see first thing on a morning, our imperfections magnified around the room! Check out the HiB Optical Bevelled Edge Bathroom Mirror which features a circular magnetic height adjustable magnifying inset perfect for everyone who uses the bathroom due to this flexibility.

Mirrors with Shaving Sockets

Agreed this is not the most exciting of features for a bathroom mirror but it is still functional and saves you having to add a shaving socket to your wall space helping to keep your bathroom looking sleek and modern. Many mirrors feature this alongside some of the other contemporary features already mentioned.

What Might the Future hold for Bathroom Mirrors?

As technology advances bathroom mirrors are only going to continue this evolution towards an interactive computer. They will surely have the capacity to show more than just your reflection in the future and with broadband connectivity a possibility it could well analyze your vital statistics along with a daily news and weather report for the day ahead. Mirrors could scan your face and give you advice on which areas of your face is dry and needs more moisture or if you are successfully covering a blemish and even feedback on your teeth.

With the advances in mobile phones ever growing these will surely only expand into bathroom mirrors and who knows when apps for your bathroom mirrors may arrive. Think voice activation and hands free chat so that the bathroom can be as hygienic as possible. With social media being at the heart of modern life you won’t miss a second if these mirrors become more interactive without risking dropping your iPhone in the bath. The possibility for the advancement of modern mirrors is endless!

Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer a fantastic range of stylish and contemporary bathroom mirrors at extremely competitive prices which will make a valuable addition to any bathroom space.