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Heated Bathroom Mirrors

The beauty of a heated bathroom mirror is that you’ll never have a steamed up or smeared mirror again. Just think – condensation will be a thing of the past! This is a particularly important feature for large bathroom mirrors which are subjected to steam frequently. You are running late, jump out of the shower and can’t see yourself in your bathroom mirror, so spend the day with toothpaste on your chin or soap in your ear! With the help of a heated bathroom mirror from Bella Bathrooms never again will a steamed up bathroom mirror spoil your day! The bathroom mirror is one of the most important bathroom accessories and they are ever developing them to have additional features. Many steam free mirror designs now feature a demister pad which helps prevent this steam build up on the surface so the view in your mirror remains clear. We offer a range of heated bathroom mirrors which will complement any size or style of bathroom and get your day off to a great start! So take a look at the extensive selection below to find your perfect heated bathroom mirror. Many heated mirrors contain other tricks up their sleeve too such as inbuilt lighting or sensor switches to add a modern touch.

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Heated Mirror

It is pointless taking your time to select the ideal bathroom mirror for your bathroom if every time you take a bath or shower your mirror becomes steamed up and therefore is not fit for purpose. The modern design of these heated mirrors ensures that your mirror can be used whatever steam is produced in the bathroom. This is particularly useful in the colder months when you don’t want the window open to release any hot air. If you choose a heated bathroom mirror you won’t have to worry about this as your mirror will always be steam free.

Steam Free Mirror

These heated mirrors are still able to offer you all the other additional features such as lights, shaver sockets, magnifiers and shelves to give you a multi functional piece of bathroom kit. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the different styles available too. We have a vast range of heated bathroom mirrors for you to choose from in various shapes and finishes to be the ideal match for a number of different bathroom designs.

Our heated mirror range is offered from the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers which assures you of their top quality. With the benefits of a heated bathroom mirror we don’t know why you would choose any other mirror type!