Magnifying Mirrors

Using a magnifying bathroom mirror can make your life way easier by improving your view through magnification when carrying out your daily routine. These magnifying mirrors enable us to focus in on a specific area of our face to assist with daily tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. With a selection of different styles available the modern versions tend to feature an integrated magnifying section within the main mirror. We also have the traditional magnifying mirrors which are wall hung and can be moved closer to the face for shaving or tweezing eyebrows etc. This enhances the area that you are looking at to give you a clearer image, again a really useful function for a bathroom mirror. Here at Bella Bathroom we have an illuminated mirror with magnification range as well as a magnifying mirror with light selection powered with back-lit LED lighting and containing an integrated shaving socket. Other dual purpose magnifying mirrors have integrated clocks - we’re sure one of these days you’ll be able to check email via a bathroom mirror such is the advances in the design of contemporary bathroom accessories!

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Magnified Mirror

Our range of magnifying bathroom mirrors are sure to please such is their varied sizes and shapes. With a variety of different fittings and extending arms making our magnifying mirrors suitable for many different bathrooms and cloakrooms. There are even some light up mirrors within this range, combining two awesome features into one; a mirror that can not only focus on one particular area but also provide you with improved illumination for your bathroom. View our range of magnifying mirrors with lights and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety on offer to you.

Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror

This vast range of magnifying mirrors will provide you with the perfect magnification and can make the ideal shaving mirror. Choose from magnifying bathroom mirrors that are attached to the wall by a lever arm allowing you to position the mirror in the ideal place for you or a standard style mirror which has a magnifying insert. The wall mounted designs can be used in addition to a standard mirror for extra flexibility. Any mirror will help to reflect the natural light around the room but the added bonus of these magnifying mirrors is that you can have a better view of whatever it is you are doing in the bathroom. Plus some of our magnifying bathroom mirrors have additional features such as LED lights, demister pads and even a shaving socket. Who knew a bathroom mirror could be so multi-functional? A magnifying mirror with light is the perfect possible illumination and will mean you have no excuse for that shaving not looking just right!

We hold 100’s of magnifying mirror designs in stock ready for immediate delivery across the UK. Our magnifying bathroom mirrors are supplied by the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers’ assuring you of the top quality of these products.