Our Top 10 Tunes For Singing in The Shower

Singing in the shower is a favourite pastime for Brits up and down the country. It’s a great way to open up those lungs, let off steam and it’s good for you! Plus, we all seem to sound better in the shower than we do in real life so it’s a big boost for our egos! Here are 10 of our top recommendations for sizzling songs to slam out in the shower. Jump in the shower, turn on your shower Bluetooth set, warm up those lungs and get singing!

Our Top 10 Tunes for Singing in the Shower

1. The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

One of our firm favourites, this classic song is a great one for the girls to belt out of a morning. Just make sure you don’t go too crazy with the dance moves.

2. The Beach Boys – I Get Around

This song is perfect for banishing the blues on a manic, miserable Monday morning, especially as winter encroaches upon us. This warm, summery single encapsulates the best of the Cali heat and will get you motivated for the big commute.

3. Smoke City – Underwater Love

This sultry, sensual little number is ideal for slinky Saturdays and Sundays when you just want to kick back and relax. Melodic, intriguing and unique, this song will help you to unwind and feel a little mellow once the weekly grind is over.

4. Becky G – Shower

This catchy little number is a hot new release from newcomer Becky G and perfectly suits our purposes. A show stopping little number that will make you enjoy your shower suite a little more, this has got to be one of our recommendations!

5. Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision

No-one can resist a little JT. Did you know you’re only supposed to shower for about 8 minutes? Less if you can help it. You’ll know shower time is just about done when this song comes to an end.

6. Madonna – Vogue

We love the chic, fresh feel of Madonna’s Vogue and as long as you aren’t voguing in the shower, this is a safe option! You can also practice your celebrity faces in the mirror.

7. Katy Perry – Hot ‘n Cold

This is a great one if the boilers playing up! Whether you’re cooling down after a hot day or warming yourself up this winter, this preppy little tune is fun to sing along to, and completely relevant!

8. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

A sure fire classic, have fun trying to remember all of the lyrics!

9. INXS – Need You Tonight

A jolly classic, you’ll be in an immediately good mood with this one.

10. Michael Jackson – You Rock My World

No shower would be complete with a little classic MJ. Bound to get you in a good mood for a Monday or ready to step out on Friday night, get this one on and get grooving ( no moonwalking though!)

Hopefully our singing in the shower guide will have you making the most of your daily wash! You might also be interested in our other related blog Why showering in the morning can make you feel more attractive.