Bathroom Showers

Taking a shower today is about more than simply washing thanks to a fantastic new range of water jets and high-powered shower sprays on the market currently. Showers are becoming a most sought after item for your bathroom as people try to create hotel luxury in their own shower enclosures. We supply fantastic quality mixer & electric showers from leading manufacturers such as Mira Showers, Aqualisa Showers and Triton Showers to create that power shower in your own bathroom. Your showering experience can be transformed with any number of our different styles of showers for sale.


Choose between different designs and types of shower to get the best shower for your bathroom, from power showers to mixer showers and even the very modern digital showers. Our range of Mira electric showers continues to be extremely popular as does our highly innovative Hudson Reed shower range. Bathroom showers are increasing in popularity and so more advanced shower systems are being created to help you achieve a dream shower unit. View our extensive shower range and you will be pleasantly surprised at the top showers on offer at extremely competitive prices. Here is a rundown of the main types of showers we have for you to choose from:

Electric showers

They’ve been around for some time but they are still one of the most popular sellers in the world of bathroom showers. Mira electric showers in particular are sought after due to their top performance. A Mira electric shower will not break the bank either!

Electric showers work by connecting with the main system and heating the cold water to flow warm through the shower head. It’s easy to stall, inexpensive to purchase and can be placed just about anywhere in the bathroom, provided it can connect to the main water supply. An electric shower will always work – even if the rest of the heating in your home fails.

Power showers

Power showers are initially more expensive than electric showers – but there’s a reason for that. The showering experience is fantastic. The increased cost of the power shower is all to do with the technology (cold and hot water is mixed together while an integrated pump ensures the water runs at speed). The good news is that because it only heats the water being used, the costs work out in the long run. Power showers are very good for bathrooms with a low water pressure supply.

Mixer showers

The aptly-named Mixer showers combine both hot and cold water to produce the perfect temperature for your shower. They’re suitable for mains-fed water systems, those which operate with high pressure, low pressure, or with a tank. Because there’s no bulky electrics attached to a mixer shower it looks especially good in a modern minimalist style bathroom – especially when fitted with a concealed valve.

Digital showers

That freezing cold morning shower will always be a thing of the past when you install a digital shower in your home. That’s because the shower will tell you when the water’s perfect temperature-wise. And it won’t take long to heat up either. It’s all effortlessly controlled by you via a push button system. This is digital showering technology at its best.

Shower towers

For those who enjoy variety when it comes to their morning (or evening shower) the shower tower is perfect. The tower can hold various types of shower heads, body jets and controls – all on the one panel to make sure no shower experience is ever the same two days in a row. This shower unit is the ultimate is showering luxury.

Shower body jets

Shower body jets can be an incredibly relaxing sensation since they do the job of massaging the body as well as helping to wash it. You may need to add a shower pump to your water sytem to achieve this powerful showering experience. Despite creating impressive water pressure, our Techflow shower pump range at Bella Bathrooms is so quiet that decibel-wise you’d hardly know it was on. Being very low in energy consumption Techflow also boast impressive eco credentials whilst vastly improving your showering experience in low water pressure areas.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer you every type of shower imaginable – be it a Mira electric shower or a top of the range Triton digital shower - we offer luxury showers across a range of different bathrooms whilst also providing invaluable shower accessories. The Galena range from Mira electric showers is one of our top sellers and they offer a 2 year guarantee on these showers which assures you of their top quality. In fact all of the showers in our range are backed up with manufacturers’ guarantees such is the top quality of these bathroom showers.