Unbelievable Shower Facts

Unbelievable Shower Facts

Unbelievable Shower Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Most Expensive Shower

The world’s most expense shower costs £74,800 from a company called Sliver Tag. With an array of super geeky gadgets, the only thing this shower doesn’t do is dry you afterwards!

The World’s Longest Shower

The world’s longest shower record goes to Kevin “catfish” McCarthy, who spent 340 hours and 40 minutes in the shower.

Most People In A Shower

The world record for the most people showering at once in one place goes to Pert Plus who organised a 145 people ‘showerathon’ in 2009.

World’s Biggest Shower

This award goes to Pert Plus as well, on the same day as achieving the record for ‘Most People Showering At Once’, he also earned the record of the World’s largest shower, building a 10ft tall shower, with a 40ft wide shower head.

5 Minute Showers

Need 70 – 115 litres of water. Showers are a great money saver when compared to baths which use around 170 litres of water, but it’s surprising to know that in just 5 minutes 70 – 115 litres are used. Around 180 litres are used in a 10 minutes shower.

Pee In The Shower

A study has shown that 42% of people pee in the shower.

Never Bathe

Another study has shown that 7% of people openly admit to not bathing at all. Be that a shower or a bath!

As the shower becomes more and more popular it is easy to see why – showering can save you time and money! Here at Bella Bathrooms we are dedicated to helping you create a luxury enclosure and you can view our vast range online today.

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