The interior of a simple, modern walk in shower bathroom in a cool, green tone. There is a bath, shower, a bath towel . There are light grey tiles in the shower with running water

Walk-in Shower Ideas

As one of the most luxurious features in a bathroom, walk-in shower enclosures can create a sense of serenity after a long day. Whether you are looking to install a small shower that you can walk into in your en-suite, or you’re seeking walk-in shower ideas for your family bathroom, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you.

We have a range of excellent ideas for wet rooms below to help you find the perfect option for your needs. And, if you’re debating between equipping your bathroom with a walk-in shower or a regular enclosure, this article should help you to decide.

The great news is, walk-in showers are easier than you would imagine to install. Of course, you will likely need the help of a plumber or bathroom fitter to assist, but the amount of time required for this type of shower design is fairly minimal. Below, you will find all the advantages of walk-in shower ideas and the products needed to recreate the look in your own home.

Advantages of Walk-in Shower Rooms

Wondering exactly what the benefits of having a walking bathroom set-up are? Allow us to talk you through all of the reasons why a walk-in shower could be the perfect choice for your own bathroom needs.

Cheaper than a wet room

A walk-in shower provides you with a huge amount of space without using the entire room. Unlike a wet room, these shower area options won’t require all of the space but still allow you to section off a moderate fraction for your shower design. Through the simple use of glass panels, you can create your very own bespoke walk-in corner shower or frosted shower walls.

Walk-in shower designs will generally comprise of a shallower than average shower tray and a partially open shower wall. There are plenty of beautiful ideas to take inspiration from when it comes to walk-in showers, as you’ll come to see. However, you’ll be pleased to know from the get-go that you are likely to save money with these type of spaces as an alternative to baths and traditional stalls.

Suited to larger bathrooms

Wet rooms are generally suited to larger bathrooms, though they can be used for small shower spaces too. There is a range of different subway tiles and glass doors that can be used to create the illusion of space and avoid boxing the shower off completely. Unlike a traditional shower design, a wet room area does not require the same level of detailing, which can make the overall installation so much easier.

If you are seeking walk-in showers for a large family bathroom, for example, consider choosing a walk-in bathroom shower wall made of glass. The use of glass as a chosen material will allow light to still travel freely through the space for an open effect.

Spacious look and feel

As mentioned, walk-in shower ideas can really help to create a spacious layout in any bathroom. There is a range of designs, with the most common utilising panels to create a space that can be stepped into for cleansing. Glass has a delicate impact on the eye, allowing you to see through the material and take in the rest of the bathroom.

If you have a fancy master bathroom, for example, you may want to consider using walls for your walk-in shower to create a luxurious and spacious design. Neutral coloured tiles can assist in making a room look larger than it is too, so keep this in mind when selecting tones for tiling!

Modern aesthetic

For those that are a fan of the contemporary aesthetic, a walk-in shower area is going to maximise this in your own bathroom design. An open bathroom shower helps to bring about more space and a more modern touch. You can choose sleek darker-toned tiles and pair them with frosted shower walls for a refined and sophisticated look.

There are many ideas out there with a contemporary and stylish finish that should inspire your own shower room ideas. Whether you’re styling a wet room or a master bathroom space, these types of walk-in showers should be high up on your design checklist.

Our Top Three Shower Enclosures

We’ve selected three stunning bathroom showers that work excellently for a walk-in design. No matter the size of your bathroom, the various products below prove that there are plenty of options when it comes to creating your own walk-in shower room at an affordable price.

Frontline Aquaglass + Walk In Shower Enclosure

This Frontline Aquaglass and Enclosure combination brings about an on-trend look with a black rainfall shower head and accents. For anybody who is aiming to create a contemporary wet room, this design ticks all the boxes. The front panel uses clear glass, allowing plenty of light into the space without any obstruction in the bathroom. All of the black fittings have a matte finish which is seen throughout many luxurious bathrooms. With this enclosure, you can create the illusion of an expensive suite at a lower price.

The Aquashield finish prevents the build-up of residue for easy cleaning and low maintenance. The glass is also safety-proofed so you won’t have to worry about fragility when it comes to the shower door. Though you will have to choose from a selection of shower trays, the end result will be a bathroom featuring a stunning shower that is stylish in all ways.

Key Features:

  • A stylish walk-in front panel
  • On-trend black profiling
  • Matte black finish
  • Frameless design
  • Safety toughened

Why We Like It:

Right on-trend, this sleek and sophisticated pairing of shiny panels and matte black make for a beautiful wet room design. Whether you’re looking for a statement enclosure for your master bathroom or love rainfall showers, this combination is sure to impress.

April Identiti 8 Wet Room Shower Enclosure

A perfect wet room choice for any bright and airy bathroom, the April Identiti 8 shower looks sleek paired with subway tiles and a chrome showerhead. This design is clean and simple though it delivers when it comes to style and provides plenty of space for relaxing. Acting as the highlight of any bathroom, without a shower door it is accessible to all and offers a safe and practical solution for everyone.

The glass used for the panel is safety toughened and comes with Clean & Clear treatment, giving it a sparkling gleam. A tray does not come ready included with this wet room, though a white, black, or grey shower tray would pair wonderfully with the products to create this bathroom look.

When it comes to modern walk-in showers, this design really does tick all the boxes and looks superb in any bathroom setting. This is one of the most universal walk-in ideas and is an excellent option for a larger sized bathroom where you may be seeking to utilise the space available.

Key Features:

  • Clean & Clear treatment for a sparkling finish
  • Safety toughened
  • Features fully concealed fixing
  • Chrome silver finish for a modern look

Why We Like It:

This refined modern design uses clear panels to create a spacious and inviting wet room design. The addition of a silver chrome finish adds a modern touch that won’t go unnoticed in your bathroom. At a steal price as well, this product is certainly worth buying!

Cassellie Lana Wet Room Shower Enclosure

The Cassellie Lana wet room is amongst the most elegant designs available for this style of shower. If you are looking to make your bathroom the epitome of chic, this shower design is a must-have. Finished with high-quality, safety-toughened glass, this product won’t obstruct the light or space in your bathroom with its sleek design. Simplicity is key as proven with the non-profiled panel used in this particular product which is a great option if you are looking for a minimalist style.

This product is ideal for a master bathroom layout and can also be used in smaller spaces too. You won’t need to worry about trays when choosing this enclosure as it can be installed into your existing bathroom on top of the floor tiles. This is a superb option if you’re wanting to make a statement in your home when it comes to the wet room.

Note that the support arms pictured in the bathroom are not included as part of the product and will need to be purchased separately.

Key Features:

  • Non-profiled safety-toughened
  • Modern design with no frame
  • An ideal choice for a wet room

Why We Like It:

For contemporary design lovers, the Cassellie Lana is going to ensure that your bathroom is up-to-date. The sleek design doesn’t use a frame and looks truly flawless when suspended with chrome arms. An ideal choice for any wet room, this idea is perfect if you’re looking for simple sophistication.

Inspecting your Shower Enclosure

After you’ve found your dream products, the waiting process for them to arrive follows. Upon arrival, there are certainly a few ways in which you should inspect your new shower. Here’s what we recommend at Bella Bathroom:

  • Check the instruction manual provided – this should clearly tell you what is included
  • Remove the packaging and protective film – at this point, you should check for any marks or scratches on the product
  • Discard any components as instructed – the instruction manual should outline what is needed and what is not needed


How much does it cost to put in a walk-in shower?

The costs of a walk-in wet room will range from anywhere between £200 and £2,000 depending on the products that you choose. More luxury choices (such as a bespoke spacious steam shower) can cost in excess of £5,000 and the types of tiles that you choose too will greatly affect pricing. It’s always recommended to set a clear budget for your bathroom before setting out to buy the products needed.

Are walk-in showers a good idea?

A wet room can be a great idea in terms of both practicality and style. A lot easier to clean than standard showers due to having fewer nooks and crannies, they are easy to maintain and ideal for people of all ages. For elderly people, seating can be installed into these types of showers or wet rooms for added comfort and assistance where needed.

What’s a good size for a walk-in shower?

36 x 36 inches is the average size required for a wet room or open shower. With this sizing, you can fit a bench to the wall for seating if you desire and ensure enough space to wash comfortably without any obstruction. Of course, you can find larger spaces than this especially in the case of more spacious bathrooms. We recommend speaking with a bathroom fitter if you are unsure as to whether you have the space for this type of bathroom prior to going ahead with ordering products.

Can you have a walk-in shower in a small bathroom?

Fitting a walk-in shower or wet room into a smaller than average bathroom is totally achievable as there are no rules in regards to this. Because a shower tray and panel is most commonly needed for this style, you can find these products at varying sizes to accommodate your needs.

Of course, there will be practical aspects to consider such as the door which may open inwards and could get in the way when showering. However, it is totally plausible to make a smaller sized room into a wet room space as part of your home. You can still get creative with the different styling elements such as tiles, the shower’s head, and fixtures.