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Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths used to be the domain of spas and health clubs everywhere and were certainly seen as something of a luxury available only to the wealthy in society. But today it is perfectly possible for the average homeowner to enjoy the benefits of a jacuzzi bath in their own home - such is the availability of a large selection of reasonably priced whirlpool baths on the marketplace to purchase directly online. Infact many of our luxury bathroom suites feature these whirlpool baths now. Choose from a variety of different number of jets or choose the deluxe whirlpool bath version to create a bath that is perfect for your bathroom space. View our huge range of whirlpool baths available in lots of different shapes and styles and we are confident you will find the right whirlpool bath for you to add this indulgent bath to your bathroom!

What is Available in the Whirlpool Bath Range?

  • Whirlpool Shower Bath
  • Whirlpool Corner Bath
  • Single Ended Whirlpool Bath
  • Double Ended Whirlpool Bath
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Deemed the height of sophistication, a whirlpool bath really is a supreme form of bathroom relaxation. Not only that but it’s also a great health enhancer thanks to its therapeutic effects on various parts of the body such as the circulatory system, muscles and joints. A whirlpool bath can even assist in a personal form by helping to relieve tension built up over the course of a long and stressful day. In doing so, it can play a part in aiding restful sleep.

How a Whirlpool Bath works

In a whirlpool bath water is taken from the bath then pushed back through the jets in the side of the bath. As a result the powerful water flow causes the bath to bubble up in invigorating currents and which is commonly referred to as hydrotherapy treatment. This is an ancient form of bathing which has been enjoyed for centuries thanks to its ability to soothe and delight.

The Undisputed Health Benefits of Whirlpool Baths:

A Whirlpool Bath will Boost the Circulatory System

The heat in a jacuzzi bath will raise the body temperature of the bather, causing the body’s blood vessels to dilate which in turn causes the circulation to speed up. It’s this quickening of the circulatory system that soothes aching and sore muscles; allowing them to heal far quicker than they would in a standard bath. Whirlpool baths can also help with other health conditions too such as diabetes (which causes poor circulation).

Whirlpool Baths can Help Ease Joint and Muscle Pain

The bubbling effect of the whirlpool bath, with its raised currents, causes the body to ‘bounce’ in the water which ends up supporting body weight thereby relieving pressure on joints and muscles. This can be effective in terms of arthritis and lower back pain. The controls on a jacuzzi bath can be adjusted so that a slower pulse will provide a gentle massage while the faster setting can be invigorating and deep.

The Whirlpool Bath is a Well-known and Recognised Form of Relaxation

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the whirlpool bath is in the form of relaxation. At the beginning of the last century in fact, prior to the onset of effective medication, it was regularly used in psychiatric hospitals to help calm overly-anxious patients. Today you can enjoy those relaxation benefits in your own home and even enhance them with the addition of soothing aromatherapy sea salts, candles and ambient music. This, in turn, should lead to restful sleep.

Many of the luxurious baths sold by us here at Bella Bathrooms can be transformed into a whirlpool bath. This includes corner baths, double ended baths and stand alone baths. Just tell us your preferences and we’ll see it’s achieved so you can choose from a selection of spa baths.