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Towel Rails

When is a bathroom towel rail not simply a towel rail? Answer – when it’s also a heating source and an essential design element. Today’s bathroom towel rails and radiators have changed dramatically to be much more than a towel rack. For a start heated towel rails and radiators are a lot slimmer and less obtrusive than those big chunky bathroom radiators of our pasts. Secondly, they really can add to the aesthetics and overall design theme of a room, becoming an important part of the room’s bathroom’s décor such is the array of designer towel radiators. There are heated towel rails around to suit a wide variety of bathroom designs and sizes. Chrome towel rails are becoming very popular as they look elegant and in keeping with modern design as are electric towel rails which allow you to use the towel rack as and when you require it.

What Styles of Heated Towel Rails are Available?

  • Chrome Towels Rails
  • White Towel Rails
  • Black Towel Rails
  • Stainless Steel Towel Rails
  • Traditional Towel Rails

Whether it’s a central heating towel rail, a dual fuel towel rail or electric heated towel rails you’re looking for we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the striking towel holder ranges around today.

What Types of Heated Towel Rails are Available?

  • Electric Towels Rails
  • Centrally Heated Towel Rails
  • Dual Fuel Towel Rails
  • Electric Towel Rails

    Electric towel rails are becoming a more popular style of towel rail as they are a flexible control of heat. These towel rails are a more convenient form of heating as you turn it on as and when it is required as it is connected to your homes electricity supply. This does mean however you must wait for it to warm before it is of any use. You also have the option with this style of towel rail to place the rail wherever you want in the room. We stock a decent range of electric heated towel rails in white, chrome and stainless steel finishes.

    Centrally Heated

    Centrally heated towel rails are heated through your home's central heating which is an energy efficient solution for your bathroom. The drawbacks of this style of towel rail radiators are that you need to be taking a shower at times of the day when the heating is on unlike the separately controlled electric heated towel rails. Throughout the summer months when the central heating is off this does mean that you will not be able to heat your towels ready for coming out of the shower. No matter how warm a room is it will always be cooler than the heat you have just experienced in the shower.

    Dual Fuel Heated

    Just because they’re practical, doesn't mean they can’t look stunning. Dual fuel heated bathroom radiators are incredibly clever in that they’ll still come on when your main heating system is switched off for summer, allowing you to warm the bathroom in isolation so you’ll still get those lovely warm towels to snuggle up to when you exit your shower or bath from this towel warmer. The flexibility of this style of towel rail means that you heat them up with your standard central heating through the winter but then use your homes electricity in the summer which gives you the optimum efficiency as you can heat your bathroom without the entire heating system needing to be on. These towel rails are an extremely practical option and heat up quickly. We have a good variety of chrome and polished steel towel rails available in the dual fuel towel rail range.

    Why Choose a Heated Towel Rail?

    A heated towel rail is high on people’s wish list for their dream bathroom. Not only do they heat your bathroom but you can’t beat stepping out of your bath or shower into a warm towel. They also make an ideal towel rack to keep your hand towel so that guests can dry their hands on a nice warm towel as well as airing off used towels. Electric heated towel rails are ideal for guest areas as you switch them on as you require them rather than waiting for your heating to be on.

    Towel rails and radiators today come in a variety of styles designed to fit in with any shape and size of bathroom. They also comprise various different materials and colour shades from white to black and chrome. At Bella Bathrooms we stock the most popular heated towel rails available on the market. View our fantastic range of heated towel rails and you will be pleasantly surprised with the variety on offer from stylish centrally heated towel rails to cost effective electric heated towel rails. From traditional to modern every style and shape is covered in an array of differing finishes. All of our towels rail radiators are supplied by trusted UK manufacturers with lengthy guarantees which means you can be assured of the quality of these towel rails.

    Towel rails are the perfect heating option not only do they provide you with warm towels but they help to warm the bathroom too. Read our Buyer's Guide: Towel Rails to help you choose from the generous selection of different towel rails available from traditional to designer styles.