3 Sided Shower Enclosures


As the popularity of lavish shower spaces continues to grow as the must have item in luxury bathrooms the design of different types of enclosure has too. The 3 sided shower enclosure is a unique enclosure style as it only requires one flat wall to fit the enclosure around as opposed to the regular fitting into the corner of a room using two wall spaces. This means you can place a 3 sided shower into different areas in the bathroom and are no longer restricted to the enclosure requiring a corner space in your bathroom. Along with the D shaped shower enclosure the 3 sided shower generally tends to be larger in its dimensions, similar to our bow fronted enclosure selection, and therefore suits a larger bathroom. The flexibility of positioning on one wall, which you get with the 3 sided enclosure, means it can be used in a small shower room where you can select a corner basin and corner toilet to be neatly tucked away allowing you the luxury of a grand showering space.

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D Shaped Shower

Here at Bella Bathrooms we think you will be impressed with the style of these attractive 3 sided shower cubicles as an option for creating a separate shower area. They can help to create more light in your bathroom as there are three glass panels visible to reflect the natural light. A 3 sided enclosure only requires one solid wall to attach it to. It has three glass side panels which surround the enclosure and create a more airy look in your bathroom.

The shape of these enclosures can vary in style to best suit your bathroom size or design. We stock curved 3 sided showers which create a really generous showering area. These D shaped shower spaces feature front sliding double doors and chrome edgings to give a smooth contemporary look in your bathroom. A D shaped enclosure truly creates a sumptuous shower area ideal for achieving a lavish bathroom design. We also stock a more geometric shaped 3 sided enclosure which will suit a similarly square edged bathroom suite. The hinged door on this enclosure would be more suitable for a larger bathroom with the space to open the door into.

One Wall Shower Enclosures

This style of shower cubicle is not unlike the popular walk in shower. When selecting the perfect enclosure you can also choose the generous bow fronted 3 sided enclosure which truly maximises the shower space available. As the name suggests the door on the front of the cubicle bows out to create more space within the enclosure. The style of this shower would suit a large range of bathroom designs as it fuses straight edges with a smooth curved front.

View our range of 3 sided enclosures and we are sure you will long to add one to your bathroom space. Not only do they provide you with a luxurious shower space but they also give the appearance of more space in the room with the 3 sided glass panel design. All of our 3 sided range is offered with lifetime manufacturer's guarantees which will assure you of the top quality of these enclosures. These luxury shower enclosures are offered at competitive prices and can be delivered directly to your door. View our range and we are sure you will find a 3 sided cubicle to best suit your bathroom space.