Bathroom Lighting Ideas

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is often an area that gets overlooked when planning a brand new bathroom. Many simply believe that installing an overhead fluorescent tube light which can be flicked on and off will be adequate for their bathroom lighting needs; what they don’t realise, is that installing mood lighting and taking more care with the choice of light fittings and fixtures can transform a bathroom from a place to bathe and brush teeth into a spa-like environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

You will actually find that you can significantly improve the overall feel of your bathroom with the correct lighting and make smaller bathrooms feel more spacious. Improving your lighting can also be vital for bathrooms which have little or no natural lighting. In this post we’ll take a look at the best lighting solutions and accessories for your bathroom and detail how to brighten up your bathroom or create a blissfully tranquil ambiance simply through well-positioned illumination. We think you will love our bathroom lighting ideas!

What are the Best Lighting Solutions for your Bathroom?

1. How much Natural Light is there?

Bathroom Ceiling LightsFirstly, consider how much natural light the bathroom gets. Many bathrooms don’t have large windows for privacy reasons, and if they do have a window, it is frosted in a way that often blocks out some of the incoming light. It is also important to consider the lighting solutions that are already in place; an overhead fixture might be home to a fluorescent tube for now, but it can be transformed with a simple chandelier or dimmer switch. A dimmer switch will allow you the best of both worlds; brightness for your daily bathroom routine and then a more ambient lighting to relax in your bath on an evening.

We stock a good selection of bathroom ceiling lights which will help to add much needed brightness to those bathrooms lacking in natural light. You can choose both large round and square shaped over head lights to add that much needed injection of strong light or the more delicate spotlight units. These come in either circular or linear forms and allow you to direct the direction of light around the bathroom or to more specific areas.

2. Where is Additional Light most needed?

Shower LightsNext, decide where light is the most important. Placing a spotlight directly over a towel rail or radiator might not be as useful as placing a cluster of them over the shower enclosure or the basin. These are the areas which are used the most and require the most light. A well-lit bath is crucial if there are children to bathe and well lit showers can help users see exactly where they are going on a dull winters morning! Installing shower lights can completely transform your showering experience and help you to be wakened and invigorated first thing on a morning. We have a stylish and contemporary range of both ceiling and shower enclosure lights to help you create this bright shower space.

Choosing an illuminated bathroom mirror is great for those who have early starts or use the bathroom to get ready for a night out as the light cast on the reflective surface is ‘clean’. We have a fantastic range of illuminated mirrors to choose from that are sure to fit in with any style or size bathroom space.
If the construction of the property permits, installing a skylight can boost the amount of natural light the room received. It can also add an interesting design element to impart a little more character that lots of people crave for in interior design.

3. Would Feature Lighting work in the bathroom?

Thirdly, consider added feature lighting. Many baths can have lighting installed at their base for an unusual level of illumination when using the tub. Place spotlights in alcoves, back-light a bath panel and consider connecting each lighting solution up to a different switch so that there is a high level of control over the illumination within the room. Aesthetically, it is easier on the eye to match up bathroom lighting fixtures with existing features such as designer taps and showerheads. If all the fixtures in the bathroom are chrome, endeavour to match them with similar materials in bathroom ceiling lights, wall light surrounds and mirror lighting casings.

Bathroom Mirror LightsChoosing modern bathroom mirror lights can really help to add further light to your bathroom as they create even lighting above the mirror. This will help you to see more clearly in your mirror regardless of the time of day and some even feature a handy shaver socket. Mirrors are a clever way of creating the feeling of extra space in your bathroom as they reflect any natural light around the rest of the room which is great in the summer with more daylight hours. In the winter these mirror lights will help to do that job when there is little or no natural light available. These lights can also be used on their own to create a soft lighting for relaxing in the bathroom.

4. Try Mixing Soft & Bright Lighting to Create Desired Lighting

DownlightsAs we have already mentioned bathrooms with little natural light will need a powerful ceiling light to provide much needed illumination but this amount of brightness will not be necessary when trying to unwind in your bathroom. Downlights are modern ceiling lights which are small individual lights that can be positioned anywhere around your bathroom. The addition of these downlights means you can choose exactly how your own bathroom is illuminated. You could circle your main ceiling light or install a cluster of them at the furthest point away from the natural light to improve the brightness of the room. This type of lighting is becoming extremely popular such is its flexibility as to where you can position the individual lights.

You will also find downlights are available in different colours to create a customized look for your bathroom. These softer colours will also allow you to create a more subtle lighting for your bathroom when you are looking to create the perfect place to relax.

Try having soft and bright lighting in your bathroom so that you have the perfect illumination regardless of what you are doing in the bathroom. Having these different lights on separate switches is vital so that you have the ultimate control over setting the perfect light.

5. Create a Focal Point to Introduce Brightness

Illuminated CabinetsA cleverly placed focal point in your bathroom can really help to create the impression of brightness. If your eye is drawn to a single illuminated feature you will find the whole bathroom appears brighter. A strong light will also reflect off the other surfaces within the bathroom thus creating this light feeling. So what sort of focal point can you create? A stunning piece of bathroom furniture or a lavish styled free standing bath can really create a wow factor especially if spotlights are installed around the perimeter but we think an item at eye level can really create impact. Our fantastic range of illuminated cabinets can really capture your attention as they offer a variety of different lighting effects that will stand out in your bathroom.

Choose from subtle backlit versions or brighter side illumination depending on how much extra light you want in your bathroom in addition to the main lighting source. These lights will bring the mirrored cabinet to life and create a stunning feature on your bathroom wall. What is even better is that these cabinets will give you a place to keep your toiletries hidden from view so that your bathroom remains tidy and clutter free therefore giving it a feeling of spaciousness.

Following each of these tips can ensure that a bathroom is fit for any purpose, be it an invigorating morning shower with plenty of light, both natural and artificial, or a relaxing evening soak with low lighting and a tranquil ambience. Whatever it is your trying to achieve with your bathroom lighting we will have a suitable lighting solution for you. Check out our extensive range of bathroom lighting available here at Bella Bathrooms.