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  1. RAK Tanzanite Heated LED Mirror 600 x 800
    £172.50 Was £319.00
  2. RAK Hestia Heated LED Mirror 1200 x 600
    £248.21 Was £459.00
  3. RAK Hestia Heated LED Bluetooth Mirror 500 x 700
    £145.47 Was £269.00
  4. RAK Hades Heated LED Oval Mirror
    £231.99 Was £429.00
  5. RAK Cupid Heated LED Mirror 600 x 800
    £213.60 Was £395.00
  6. Sensio Shannon Diffused LED Mirror
    £160.41 Was £289.69
  7. Sensio Bronte LED Mirror with Demister Pad
    £141.13 Was £254.87
  8. Sensio Orla Round Slimline LED Mirror
    £103.92 Was £187.67
  9. Sensio Ester Slimline LED Mirror
    £58.25 Was £105.19
  10. RAK Resort Illuminated LED Mirror 800 x 650mm
    £150.60 Was £278.50
  11. RAK Moon Illuminated LED Mirror 900 x 500mm
    £214.95 Was £397.50
  12. Cassellie Widestyle Illuminated LED Mirror
    £259.46 Was £475.99
  13. Battery LED Mirror 450 x 300mm
    £36.65 Was £80.00
  14. RAK Scorpio Heated LED Mirror 800 x 800
    £235.23 Was £435.00
  15. RAK Pluto Heated LED Bluetooth Mirror 600 x 800
    £240.64 Was £445.00
  16. RAK Pegasus Heated LED Mirror 600 x 800
    £172.50 Was £319.00
  17. RAK Hestia Heated LED Mirror 1000 x 600
    £210.36 Was £389.00

Items 1-24 of 166

Set Descending Direction

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are becoming popular in modern bathrooms such is the variety of styles, shapes and sizes available. These illuminated mirrors are particularly useful for bathrooms with little or no natural light. Bathroom mirrors with lights ensure you can use a mirror for its intended purpose rather than just as decoration. This range of illuminated mirrors either come with their own light, or have one built in or around the mirror, we also sell a range of illuminated bathroom cabinets should you require additional storage for those bathroom essentials. A bathroom mirrored cabinet can also provide this storage option if you already have enough lighting in your bathroom. Mirrors with lights provide illumination around the mirror which is suitable for applying makeup, shaving or any other task within the bathroom which requires lighting. Check out our range ofLED illuminated bathroom mirrors with their diverse additional features and finishes available which can become the perfect accessory for your bathroom.

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