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Ceiling Lights


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  1. HiB Momentum Round LED Ceiling Light
    £117.65 Was £149.00
  2. HiB Spice Round Chrome Ceiling Light
    £76.59 Was £97.00
  3. Sensio Cora Dome LED Ceiling Light
    £73.50 Was £132.74
  4. Sensio Hudson Flat Round LED Ceiling Light
    £86.81 Was £156.77
  5. Sensio Astrid Single Adjustable LED Spot Light
    £32.93 Was £59.47
  6. Sensio Astrid Cluster Adjustable LED Spot Lights
    £97.30 Was £175.73
  7. Moods 3 Spotlight Ceiling Fitting
    £48.26 Was £75.00
  8. Moods 5 Light Chandelier
    £112.61 Was £175.00
  9. Frontline Chrome Vivid 3 Light Spotlight 180mm
    £71.49 Was £100.00
  10. Frontline iCON 15 White Pull Cord Module
    £26.45 Was £37.00
  11. Sensio TrioTone Circa Clear Glass
    £23.65 Was £42.23
  12. Sensio TrioTone Circa Smoked Glass
    £23.90 Was £42.67
  13. Sensio TrioTone Cube Clear Glass
    £24.14 Was £43.12
  14. HiB Kinetic Round LED Ceiling Light
    £94.75 Was £120.00
  15. HiB Inertia Square LED Ceiling Light
    £117.65 Was £149.00
  16. HiB Quartet LED Chrome Spotlights
    £196.81 Was £242.00
  17. HiB Trilogy LED Chrome Spotlights
    £147.21 Was £181.00
  18. Forum Scorpius 3 Spotlight Fitting
    £45.34 Was £78.60

Items 1-24 of 45

Set Descending Direction

Ceiling Lights come in a few varieties and provide you with excellent choice when it comes to choosing the right lights for your bathroom ceiling. Creating the ideal lighting for your bathroom enables you to use it for a variety of tasks. Try a powerful ceiling light for a bathroom which is short of any natural light. With a wide spectrum of price options for your bathroom lights you can be sure to find something affordable whilst still being pleasing to the eye. In a variety of shapes and sizes, we have ceiling lights perfect for you and your bathroom. With a selection of the best quality ceiling spotlights and flush ceiling lights, we have just what you need to add fresh brightness and a warm glow to your bathroom.