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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

While some may view  bathroom mirrors as an essential fixture which exists purely to be functional, we know that mirrors can be both practical and stylish. Our bathroom mirror ideas incorporate everything from your preferred decor, the potential for your mirror to store your bathroom toiletries which would otherwise clutter your space, through to the use of modern technologies such as demisters and ambient lighting. So, if you’re looking for some bathroom mirror ideas and inspiration then you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a few of our key bathroom mirror ideas and the different types of mirror you’ll come across, then we’ll go on to list some of our favourite ideas by using examples from the mirrors we stock here at Bella Bathrooms. At the end, you’ll find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to making your bathroom mirror ideas a reality.

Bathroom mirror ideas and types

There are several forms of bathroom mirror, each suited to a different purpose. Let’s take a look at a few of the best types for bathroom spaces.

Folded Corner Mirror

If you’re looking for some bathroom mirror ideas which will save on space then a folded corner mirror will work well for you. This creative solution makes the most of your wall space and gives the illusion of your bathroom being more airy and spacious than is actually the case. Pair a folded corner bathroom mirror with a corner basin and you’ll have perfectly optimised your square footage.

Mirrored Vanity

Mirrors in bathrooms can serve more than one purpose; if you’re looking to increase your storage space, opt for a mirrored bathroom vanity unit. Having mirrors covering your medicine cabinet provides you with a place to store your skincare products, makeup, and any other toiletries which would otherwise clutter your bathroom.

If you would rather have a storage solution beneath your washbasin for an efficient powder room setup, you could instead choose a suite item like our Elation Sendai Stone Grey Grain Vanity Unit and complement it with a wall-mounted bathroom vanity mirror.

Concave or Convex Mirrors

A ‘plane mirror’ is the most common style of mirror in bathroom design; plane mirrors comprise of a flat surface which reflects images in their true-to-life proportions, reversed from left to right. Concave and convex mirrors offer something a little different; while both are spherical in shape, a concave mirror curves inwards whereas a convex mirror balloons outwards. A concave mirror for bathrooms is a practical choice as they’re capable of creating the illusion of the room’s proportions being larger. In contrast, a convex mirror will make the reflected image seem smaller and can work well as an unusual centre of attention.

If you want something a little more eccentric than the standard bathroom mirror, we would recommend a concave mirror. Placed across from a window, they will bounce natural lighting around the room to make your bathroom feel more spacious. In addition, they’ll provide an enlarged image of your face which can aid with makeup application and shaving. Although a little less practical than most mirrors in bathroom spaces, a framed concave mirror can serve to accentuate a particular piece of furniture when hung directly above it, creating an elegant focal point in your room.

Full-Bleed Mirror

Another effective bathroom mirror idea is to choose a full-bleed mirror. Essentially a frameless mirror, a full-bleed style makes for the perfect contemporary bathroom mirror idea. Fitting a large mirror floor-to-ceiling will be both visually appealing and provide a clear reflected image that simultaneously serves to make your bathroom feel all the more expansive. Complement a full-bleed mirror with a modern marble sink and floor-to-ceiling tiles to give your bathroom height.

Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics of bathroom mirror ideas, we’ve got some more inspiration for you that will focus on specific styles of bathroom mirrors. We’ve made sure to include a few examples of the products we stock alongside our best bathroom mirror ideas too so make sure to take a look at the items we’ve handpicked for you.

1. Illuminated Mirrors

As one of the most popular bathroom mirror ideas at the moment, illuminated bathroom mirrors can now come in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Particularly well-suited to smaller bathrooms with a limited amount of natural light, illuminated mirrors will either come with their own light or they’ll have lights built-in to the mirror’s surround.

An illuminated wall mirror such as our RAK Resort Illuminated Mirror is the perfect companion for your morning routine; with a contemporary glass finish which benefits from soft illumination, as well as a demister pad and a shaver socket, this is a practical, modern take on the regular bathroom mirror.

Alternately, if you require some more solutions to keep your bathroom clutter-free, why not take a look at the RAK Aphrodite Illuminated Recessed Bathroom Cabinet; this illuminated bathroom vanity mirror optimises your wall-space by providing another place to store your toiletries and also features a demister, shaving socket, and an infra-red switch.

2. LED Mirrors

Another of our illuminated bathroom mirror ideas, LED mirrors similarly provide that much-needed lighting when you’re using your bathroom mirror. These bathroom mirrors are both stylish and energy-efficient; fitted with a series of small LED bulbs, these are a functional option for powder room mirror ideas.

The simplicity of LED bathroom mirrors means that they can come in a variety of sizes and shapes; from circular to rectangle, you’ll be able to find a high-quality mirror to match your bathroom decor. The Sensio Isla battery-powered mirror is both attractive and functional. As it’s battery-powered, no wiring is required so practically anyone can install this mirror. If a round-shaped mirror is more in line with your tastes then Sensio also provide the Orla mirror; the slimline effect combined with the delicate circular bulbs makes for a contemporary focal point which exudes practicality.

3. Heated Bathroom Mirrors

Heated mirrors are up there among our most modern of bathroom mirror ideas. A heated mirror eliminates the issue of having a steamed up, smear-covered mirror, making them ideal for use in bathrooms with shower enclosures and bathtubs. You’ll find that they often incorporate LED lighting too, making these perhaps the most functional type of mirror out there.

The RAK Hestia heated LED mirror is a large, landscape mirror that will enhance your bathroom thanks to its indulgent size, all while boasting the technological properties so characteristic of a heated mirror. With the RAK Hestia, you’ll be able to have a hot, steaming shower in the morning and hop straight to the mirror to clean your teeth and get ready for work without having to deal with a steamed-up reflection.

If your bathroom’s on the smaller side then we stock plenty of compact heated bathroom mirrors. One such example is the RAK Sagittarius heated LED cabinet which measures only 500 x 700mm and will provide you with additional space for storing your toiletries.

4. Round Mirrors

If you’re looking for some bathroom mirror ideas that will contrast the geometric lines you often find in a bathroom suite then you’ll love our round bathroom mirrors. With a soft, curved edge, round mirrors are an eye-catching addition to a feature wall and can co-ordinate with patterned shower curtains to bring a touch of refined consistency throughout your space. We have a whole range of circular, porthole, and oval-shaped mirrors which you can use as a starting point for inspiring the rest of your bathroom’s interior design.

Take our Croydex Hampstead mirror for instance; with a round mirror shape, this product is well-suited to a modern bathroom and the chrome tilt brackets will match your bathroom sink taps too, bringing a sense of continuity to your suite items.

If you want a round framed mirror, Croydex also offers the Meadley circular mirror. The decorative mosaic tile mirror frame will work with a variety of design ideas and, unlike a traditional frame, the surround is reflective to allow more light to be directed around your room.

5. Magnifying Mirrors

A magnifying bathroom mirror is a must-have for making your daily routine easier. Magnifying mirrors provide a zoomed-in reflective image which is perfect for shaving, plucking your eyebrows, and applying makeup. Magnifying mirrors will often come attached to an extendable arm so that you can position it exactly as needed. The HiB Rossi mirror is a good illustration of this; the circular mirror is situated on a long-reach extending arm and has a plain mirror on one side and a 3x magnification mirror on the other.

Alternately, for a more subtle magnification, some regular bathroom mirrors will feature an integrated magnifying section. The Frontline Kilamore mirror has a modern design which incorporates a circular 3x magnifying mirror within its wider rectangular frame. Even better, this bathroom mirror is illuminated around the full frame and surrounding the round magnifying section and boasts an advanced on/off motion sensor.


Now that we’ve taken a look at some bathroom mirror ideas, let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best mirror for your space.

What is the best mirror for a bathroom?

Depending on your style, the size of your bathroom, and what you want from your bathroom mirror, the best bathroom mirror ideas are going to vary from person to person. That being said, a heated bathroom mirror is a great addition to any bathroom because it won’t get steamed up and requires less cleaning than a regular mirror. One of the best things about a heated bathroom mirror is that it can incorporate a number of the other features we’ve discussed above.

Firstly, you can have a cabinet which has heated mirrors on its outer panels, providing storage while still holding all the useful properties of a heated mirror. Take the RAK Pisces cabinet for example; this triple set of cabinets will give you an ample amount of space for storing your toiletries and doubles up as a large mirror with heated properties.

Secondly, if illuminated mirrors take your fancy, then you’ll be able to opt for a heated mirror which has integrated lighting. The Sensio Glimmer mirror is not only a heated mirror, but also an illuminated model which incorporates cool white LED lights around the mirror frame and has an ambient dimmable option so that you can tailor the brightness to suit your needs. Perfect as a bathroom vanity mirror, Sensio’s Glimmer can be hung either portrait or landscape to effectively utilise your wall space.

How big should a mirror be in the bathroom?

We would recommend fitting a wall mirror which measures several centimetres less than your bathroom vanity sink. The height of the mirror will generally be determined by how high your ceilings are as well as your own height – you want your bathroom mirror to be functional so take your unique eye-level into consideration.

Your personal style of home decor is also going to influence how big your bathroom mirror should be; there’s no use having a large bathroom with lavish marble floor tiles and grand suite items and then fitting a tiny, out-of-place wall mirror for the sake of it. Make sure that your bathroom mirror ideas are proportionate with the rest of your bathroom to ensure continuity throughout your space.

How can I make my bathroom mirror look better?

There’s a whole range of design ideas which can be used to enhance the appearance of your bathroom mirror. Once you have purchased your preferred style of bathroom mirror, take the time to clean it on a weekly basis so that it maintains a crisp and clear reflection. Another of our bathroom mirror ideas to really strengthen its appearance is to create a feature wall surrounding it. Even the most simplistic of vanity mirrors can be spruced up by hanging framed pictures around it for a vintage effect. Space dependant, you could have a vanity mirror positioned above your basin with an intricate pattern of mosaic tiles which double up as a water-resistant surround for your sink.