Round Mirrors

A round mirror often adds elegance and, like all reasonably-sized bathroom mirrors, the impression of more space to a bathroom. Circular mirrors can also prove a nice contrast to a geometric bathroom suite by ‘softening’ all those straight lines, as well as adding interest to a patterned feature wall with circular shapes, or a nice co-ordinating look with circular patterned curtains, shower curtain or towels etc. Round bathroom mirrors will also perfectly suit bathrooms that are looking to create smooth lines and a more decorative feel.


Mirrors can often make great focal points in a bathroom, particularly large mirrors, while round mirrors tend to stand out as being that bit more unusual design-wise. Round bathroom mirrors are ideal bathroom accessories for spaces looking to create more light and softer shaping to their space. The natural light reflects off the glass to create the illusion of more space. Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a selection of round mirrors which could easily inspire the rest of your bathroom design.

What is Available in the Round Mirrors Range?

A mirror is a necessary bathroom accessory and we hope to provide you with a varied selection to suit any type of bathroom space or style. From simplistic small circular mirrors that attach to the wall via arms to large wall mounted mirrors with stunning mosaic details this round bathroom mirrors range has it all. The round bathroom mirror is traditionally the magnifying shaving mirror which would often be attached to a wall or placed on the side of the wash basin. For those who haven’t yet graduated to back-lit LED mirrors with a magnified inset for shaving, the traditional type of shaving mirror is still available today in all its guises (and of course looks great in period and traditional bathrooms). This traditional style of round mirror is still popular for the bathroom as it allows you to move the mirror to best suit you when you are using it for shaving or applying makeup etc. These circular mirrors are now designed with a more contemporary edge to suit any bathroom design.

Ideas for Round Mirrors

For those looking to make more of a statement with their round bathroom mirrors the backlit mirrors can create a really impressive look for your room. Backlit mirrors illuminate the entire mirror to create an attractive piece that grabs the attention as soon as you walk in the bathroom. This type of lighting can also be useful on its own for creating a softer & more ambient lighting perfect for those evenings relaxing in the bath and of course safer than candle light. If simplistic styling is your taste then we have round mirrors to suit this minimalist style. These plain circular mirrors are no frills in design but bring all the benefits associated with bathroom mirrors. If you are looking for multi functional round bathroom mirrors then check out some of our round mirrors with in-built shelving which allow you to store your bathroom necessities close to hand. Whatever it is you are wanting from your round bathroom mirrors our range will have the ideal glass mirror for you from modern to traditional style mirrors in an array of different sizes of mirrors.

View our stylish range of round mirrors and we are sure that you will find the perfect mirror for your bathroom space. All of our circular mirrors are offered at a competitive price and with quick delivery direct to your door. You can be assured that these round bathroom mirrors are of top quality too are they are supplied with manufacturers’ guarantees from some of the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers.

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