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Bathroom Ideas

There’s nothing worse than being swamped for ideas.

From interior design, to what to have for tea tonight – indecisiveness is a killer. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to rely on expert advice and the most top tips, in order to make an ultimate choice. This is true of ideas for bathroom suites.

Thankfully, at Bella Bathrooms, we’ve got all of the bathroom ideas you’re looking for – from using modern pink tiles, to planning a country theme farmhouse bathroom. Today we’ll take you through a few of our top suggestions for bathrooms: ideas aplenty can be found here, including:

  • The perfect bathroom design for smaller spaces
  • How to create a modern bathroom
  • Crafting the perfect traditional bathroom decor
  • How to find the best bathroom furniture

For a combination of expert advice from designers, as well as quality, low-price furniture straight from our show rooms, read on – you’re bound to find an option for you.

We hope we’ve got just the thing for everybody; to avoid you sending money down the drain!

Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

Our first group of suggestions involves tailoring the space of your bathrooms to ensure you have a space-saving design. There are so many different ways you can do this – so you won’t be short on design ideas.

Whether you’re looking for quality wall storage ideas, or you want to know how to make your small bathroom look like it’s a much larger space, here’s some of the key tips we recommend – complete with products to help your bathroom suite achieve its desired look.

Combination Vanity Units

One of the greatest bath room ideas we can recommend for smaller bath rooms is the use of a combination unit. Your dream bathroom needs to look sleek, large, and harmonious with your home- and whether you’ve got a small bathroom or your bathroom walls extend beyond belief, this applies to you.

A combination unit is a great layout for smaller bathroom suites, as this unique bathroom design combines the toilet, sink area, and mirror in one neat cubic space. Not only will this save you some serious floor space, but the sleek design adds a touch of modern elegance. If you’re short on inspiration or creativity, this is definitely a good idea to start with.

One of the greatest things about these combo units, besides being a brilliant source of inspiration for modern high-class designs, is that you can easily match them to your chosen colour scheme. Everything down to the toilet paper of your bathroom suite could easily be accessorised to make a fluid space within the home.

Every room in your home deserves to have a personal touch – and there’s no reason why you can’t carry this logic over to bathroom ideas.

Wall Hung Furniture

Another fabulous thought to maximise the space of your dream bathroom design is to utilise wall-hung furniture. Whether you’re a fan of a shower-bath, or a walk-in shower room, one of the best space-saving style tricks we can offer is to revamp your bathroom ideas with some wall-attached furnishings.

Wall-hung furnishing can be a brilliant way to make the most of space, whilst also being one of the sleeker design ideas on offer. For example, a wall-hung bath could easily make use of the surrounding wall tiles by having a built-in shelf for extra storage. The options are truly endless.

What’s more, you could enhance and emphasise certain wall furnishings by installing wall lights. The bathroom truly is a great place in the home to let your imagination run wild – so we hope that our bathroom design ideas allow you to do just that!

Shower Enclosures

Our final suggestion for your dream bathroom design will easily help you achieve the result you deserve.

Shower enclosures are a brilliant kind of feature to incorporate into any small bathroom – especially if you’re unsure about adding a bath, or you just want to give an ensuite a makeover. A walk-in shower room, complete with a shower enclosure, is an easy design recommendation because of its ability to utilise the full spatial layout of the room.

Combined with other fittings and sleek features such as wood flooring, any shower enclosure can knock both money and time off your makeover plan, as well as adding a sense of modernity and sleek elegance.

We’ve got a range of products to help you achieve this effect – so feel free to browse our top shower enclosures to find low-cost, bargain offers that will add all of the swanky touches to your bathroom – whether in a family home or a stylish loft conversion.

Modern Bathrooms

Now for our second lot of suggestions… it’s modern bathroom ideas! Whether you’re looking to make your bathroom more sleek and modern with a vanity unit, or you’re fancying an upgrade of the shower room, we’ve got the suggestions for you – in order to make your bathroom ideas a reality.

We’ve got lots of inspiration available in the three suggestions below; providing a range of tricks to allow both guests and family alike to have a positive experience in your home. From eye-catching mirrors, to built-in wall lighting, to wood elements… read on to find something for you!

We’ve even included pictures to capture the energy of what we’re suggesting – helpful, right?

Marble Designs

One of our most recommended bathroom ideas is undoubtedly the use of marble! If you’ve ever search for bathroom ideas before, you’ll know that a marble design is a key example of where many people get their inspiration. Whether it adorns the walls, the floors, or just provides some classy elements here and there, marble is a go-to material for the ultra-classy style.

Here at Bella Bathrooms, we’ve got so many tricks and suggestions to provide you with inspiration – so finding the perfect marble design for your home bathroom will be an absolute breeze. With so many options to pick from and so many affordable products, tailored to all different budgets, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Feel free to peruse our marble bathroom ideas, and keep reading to see how else you can add some modern inspiration to your bathroom. Here are our key suggestions for incorporating marble into the bathroom – they’ll make all the difference…

  • Adjust to your colour schemes
  • Use marble on the walls and floors – and aim to provide a contrast
  • Get a good deal on a marble vanity unit… it’s a great attention point
  • Utilise the material’s versatility – there’s a reason why it’s a staple of so many trends

Monochrome Inspiration

Next in our modern bathroom ideas, we’ve got the magic of monochrome. From the colour of your walls, to the accessories and accents across the room, using a solid colour scheme is an easy way to class up your bathroom.

Whether you’re using paint or tiles, monochromatic design provides an ultra-chic vibe to any room, including those with a toilet in them…

What’s brilliant about these ideas are that they’re easy and cheap to achieve, compared to other options. No matter the atmosphere of your bathroom, monochrome allows you to play with patterns and materials, utilise different fittings and fixtures, and enhance the space of your bathroom by creating the illusion of grandeur.

Monochrome has a special place in our heart and home – so we should hope you’ll feel the same.

Statement Flooring

Our final tip for classing up your bathroom ideas involves the use of statement flooring. Now, this can be with floor tiles or with hardwood flooring. While we’re a big fan of bathroom tiles in general, and we have a fabulous range for you to pick from for your bathroom suites, it’s important to know when and where to incorporate tiling into your overall cloakroom setting.

For example, some people prefer to design their bathroom with bright, vibrant zellige tiles adorning the floors – injecting warmth into the room. However, others prefer to opt for classy slate slabs, providing an industrial, modern look.

Whatever you prefer to take as inspiration, tiling can be a brilliant way to inject some modernity into your bathroom design. Equally, if your home is more a space for exposed brick and hardwood floors, you could take this as inspiration and provide a statement wooden floor in the bathroom space.

Traditional Bathrooms

Our penultimate group of suggestions for the best bathroom ideas involves the traditional bathroom look. Victorian chic is all the rage, even in the trendiest of houses. So, why not add some of that vintage glamour to your home?

Think stately homes in Sussex; think French chic; think chandeliers hanging from ceilings, trinkets and bottles, off-whites and creams.

Whether you’re more a fan of the inspiration that patterned, filigree wallpaper can bring, or you’re keen on paint jobs and matching accessories, our traditional bathroom suites leave nothing to be desired: whatever you have in mind, you can easily browse our products at your leisure. We’ve got everything you need to take some inspiration and make the right choices.


One of the key hallmarks of a vintage or Victorian bathroom is exposed metalwork. If you like to take inspiration from these vintage elements, a great way to do so is by incorporating traditional, heavy metal radiators in the bathroom. You might have seen them in pictures on Instagram, because they’re a top trend for any traditional bathroom design.

You can shop our range of traditional radiators here – they’re perfect for injecting some vintage inspiration into bathroom suites, as well as helping you to coordinate with other accessories and fixtures. We have a range of colours for you to choose from with these radiators, so you’re guaranteed to find a model that you love with all your heart.

Your bathroom deserves the best – it deserves Bella Bathrooms! So, shop our range of radiators to complete the vintage look.

Clawfoot and Roll-top Baths

Another great tip for giving your bathroom some vintage inspiration is to shop for roll-top and clawfoot bath tubs. These baths are the very definition of decadence; whilst you’d look for sleek showers if you were aiming for the pinnacle of modernity, you’d definitely want to consider a roll-top or clawfoot bath if you’re aiming for a traditionally vintage style.

These baths can be enhanced with gilded metal feet, providing the ultimate inspiration for your bathroom to make you feel like you’re on the set of Downton Abbey.

If you can’t live without showers, however, why not opt for a shower/bath combo and place a showerhead over your bath. There’s no reason why you should have to miss out on showers if it’s what you want!

Neutral Colour Palettes

Among some of the easiest ways to get that vintage inspiration into your bathroom is through opting for neutral colours. Whether this comes through wallpaper, tiling, or a paint job, it’s never been easier to add some traditional glam to your bathroom walls.

Not only this, but you could even match the colour of walls to accessories in the bathroom, such as your towels. If you choose to opt for a patterned wallpaper, such as a classic filigree or Fleur de Lys pattern, you could contrast or complement this with other patterns across the bathroom, or just some neutral shades.

Neutral palettes are a handy way to add warmth to the bathroom, as lighting fixtures can cast a shine down onto creamy dulcet paint jobs in order to illuminate the bathroom with a cosy atmosphere. You could also consider playing with materials and other accessories, to add splashes of colour to different areas of the bathroom.

With these suggestions, you’ll want to be snapping pictures of your bathroom all day long and putting them on Instagram for others to view and take inspiration from!

The Best Bathroom Furniture

What better way to finish off this guide than showing you some of our quality products? There’s no product our stores lack, so you can keep calm in the knowledge that you’ll find anything you’re after somewhere on our website – just use the handy browsing menu.

Whilst we’ve got a range of furniture – such as drawers and cabinets – for you to choose from to give the desired impact in the bathroom, here are our top three suggestions to make your life easier.

We’ve got something for all budgets and styles of bathroom – whether you’ve got baths, showers, en-suites… here’s three key products at the heart of our buyers’ guide.

RAK Washington Cappuccino Vanity Unit

This vanity is an all-rounder. It’s the perfect basin addition to your bathroom, whether you’ve got a shower or a tub, whether you’re after vintage inspiration or modern styles.

With its sleek cappuccino colour, it can easily be accessorised into any bathroom colour schemes you desire. No matter the colours, styles, or prints on your walls, this vanity is a perfect staple piece. Accessorize it with an LED mirror from our collection and you’re truly good to go; suitable for all styles!

Moods Bayswater Freestanding Bath

This freestanding bath is a match made in heaven for any vintage lover. If you’re looking for inspiration to transform your bathroom into a traditional haven, straight out of a Victorian manor, you needn’t look further than this bath.

It’s the perfect addition to any vintage style bath suite, complete with gorgeous details and a sleek white colour. Thanks to this wonderful staple in our collection, you can easily drift away into a vintage daydream.

Forget you’re in England; add some patterned curtains and a vase of flowers, and you’ll think you’re in a countryside in France! The perfect vintage inspiration piece.

April Destini Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

If you’re looking for alternatives to shower/baths and want to save space with a compact design, thisĀ modern shower is perfect for you. Any modern-looking bathroom suite needs every single part and component to be carefully thought out; making you content with its high-class design.

The April Destini shower does just that- it’s modern, sleek, and compact. It would be great in any bathroom, whether you’ve got a whole family using the bathroom, or it’s just you and the missus.

Thanks to our fabulous services and selection of products, the April Destini is just a single option in our many showers you could opt for. So, if your dream suite looks a little different to this, why not find an alternative item by browsing through the photos on our website?

We’ve got showers of all height, shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find items to suit all budgets.


What should I do with a small bathroom?

We hope that our buying guide above has shown you many different ways to accessorize and style a smaller bathroom space. Whilst we recommend scrolling back up and searching through the products onĀ our website, here are 3 of our top tricks:

  • Opt for wall-hung furnishings
  • Paint the room white to enhance space
  • Make use of natural light

How can I make my small bathroom look nice?

There’s really no 1-size-fits-all answer to this question. Making a bathroom appear nice and harmonious means finding different things to feature in the room that will complement your main furnishings. This could include:

  • Colour schemes
  • Cabinets and vanities
  • Mirrors
  • Smaller accessories, i.e. houseplants
  • Shower/bath combos

Making a smaller bathroom appear nice isn’t the mammoth task you think it is, but it definitely requires a lot of thought, dedication, and – let’s face it – common sense.

How should I decorate my bathroom?

Whilst this is a very popular question, it’s again a question that requires knowledge of your own personal style, and the common sense to compromise this with what you can reasonably do.

Rather than instructing you on how to decorate your bathroom – as this is truly down to you – here are some of the key things we think you should consider:

  • Budget
  • Space availability
  • Size – including every minute dimension
  • Planning and vision

A consideration of the above factors will hopefully allow you to make your pipedreams a concrete reality.

What is the new style for bathrooms?

The new style for bathrooms seems to be changing every day. As trends run their course, ebbing and flowing, it can be hard to plan a bathroom project that is truly modern and contemporary.

However, there are some trends emerging towards the end of 2020 that can aid you in ensuring you begin the new year on the right lines – with a swanky new bathroom to show off to guests.

Here are some of the key trends emerging in bathroom styles:

  • Double vanity setups
  • Use of stone materials
  • Coloured tiles
  • Experimental wall tiles
  • Unusual bath shapes