Traditional Bathroom Suites

Whether you live in a contemporary flat or in a period house, traditional bathroom suites add charm and character to any home. Inspired by a golden era of interior design, a traditional bathroom becomes a space where the 21st-century functionality meets the elegance of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

If you are thinking of creating a traditional bathroom, your essentials need to contribute to the traditional feel. Look for compact close-coupled toilets with the cistern above the pan and a traditional basin on a ceramic pedestal (vanity units and console basins are also a good choice when recreating a traditional bathroom). A free stand bath, like the Richmond Black Standing Bath, is a must-have, as it will add a touch of old-fashioned sophistication to the room. Read More...

Traditional Radiators UK

Refine the style of your traditional bathroom with some extra details. A traditional radiator is the perfect way of keeping your bathroom warm and cozy during the cold winter, while vintage taps are just one perfect little touch that can transform a basic sink into a luxurious traditional basin.

Traditional Wallpaper UK

When it comes to the walls, traditionally inspired bathrooms usually feature patterned tiles or botanical wallpapers in dark colours. Wall panels give the impression of height to a room, perfect for small spaces; however, if you’d rather paint your bathroom walls, we would suggest a beige or a grey scheme of colours, in order to support the elegance of the chosen style. For the floor, both patterned and wooden tiles could be a success. To complete the traditional bathroom style, a big antique mirror.

Bathroom Units

You may want to add a modern twist to a classic bathroom. In this case, hanging contemporary artwork can make a big difference and act as a striking focal point, especially if hung over a freestanding bath. Plants can be another great addition to your traditional bathroom, adding colour and life to the room at no cost at all.