Freestanding Baths

The freestanding bath, like the whirlpool bath, is no longer just a beautiful luxury bathroom item that only the rich and famous can afford. No, today’s freestanding and back to wall baths are priced so reasonably that it’s not unusual to walk into your next door neighbour’s home these days and find one. Infact our freestanding bath suites are one of our most popular sellers such is the growing trend for these in people's homes.

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Stand Alone Baths

Originally characterized by decorative feet and a roll top in a more traditional style you will now be amazed by the range we have available here at Bella Bathrooms. Freestanding baths now come in an array of shapes and styles that they are just as popular for modern themed bathroom spaces with the more minimalist designs as well as the ever popular traditional styles. View our extensive freestanding bath range and you will be surprised at the varied range on offer to you. It tends to be big bathrooms that can accommodate the space a freestanding bath needs so if you already have one of those then what are you waiting for?

Modern Freestanding Bath

Free-standing baths tend to come in either vintage style (slipper shaped, single ended, black panelled) or ultra modern (double ended, thin-rimmed, oval or even square shaped). Freestanding baths are available in a wide range of shapes in modern and traditional styles giving you plenty of options to choose from. One of the many advantages of a freestanding bath is that it tends to make a bathroom look airier and even larger than it actually is because of all that space left around the bottom and side of the bath.

It’s also often the case that a freestanding bath is the focal point of a large bathroom. That’s because many bath designs these days tend to be rather sculptured and stunning. They practically demand to be looked at and admired. Other reasons to invest in a freestanding bath? Well, they certainly allow you to show off your fancy floor tiles. The second reason – and the one we like best – is that they positively encourage you to go out and buy a gorgeous faucet to match.

Back to Wall Freestanding Bath

For a modern freestanding bath design you can choose a back to wall freestanding bath which will fit neatly into a smaller bathroom space. The back to wall design helps it fit snugly against the wall of your bathroom and it might even mean you have room to add this type of bath to a more generous en suite space for the ultimate luxury.

Cheap Freestanding Baths

We have a good selection of these stand alone baths which are competitively priced to provide affordable luxury across a range of budgets. Acrylic is a popular material for a freestanding bath due to its lightweight nature. It also feels warm to touch. Resin and stone composite materials are also popular and, as a bonus, weigh far less than the traditional cast iron freestanding bath (yet look just as good).

More modern shaped free-standing baths tend not have a rim around the edge. As a result, when it comes to taps, you may be restricted to the contemporary wall or floor-mounted versions. Some free-standing baths do have a tap hole have it in the centre of the bath in keeping with the traditional style of these slipper baths.

Whatever type of freestanding bath you choose – whether traditional or contemporary – we’re sure here at Bella Bathrooms that you’ll never regret your choice once joyfully immersed. All of the luxury baths we sell here at Bella Bathrooms are supplied by the UK's leading manufacturers which assures you they are built to last for years to come in your bathroom.