Stainless Steel

When it comes to a good material from which to make bathroom cabinets, stainless steel has outlived many a flimsy fashion trend contender many times over. These cabinets make a focal point on the wall of your bathroom by reflecting the natural light around the room and also give you a valuable storage space for your bathroom essentials without compromising any floor space. Stainless steel cabinets are a valuable investment to your bathroom as they can fit in with any bathroom design or colour changes that you might make to the room over the years.


Why Choose a Stainless Steel Cabinet?

What are the Advantages?

The reason people choose this type of cabinet again and again is simple – stainless steel works. It doesn't tarnish, won’t rust, is easy to keep clean and maintain and it’s durable. Steam doesn't bother it, neither does water. Put simply, purchase a stainless steel bathroom mirrored cabinet and you’re going to be looking into it for years to come.

In case you’re wondering, stainless steel is actually a mixture of chromium and steel alloys with a minimum chromium content of around 10.5 per cent. It has a chromium oxide film on its surface and happily it’s this which provides the steel with its rust resistant nature.

What Designs are Available?

Where do we begin you name it that type of design will be available in the stainless steel range! Today’s stainless steel bathroom cabinets come in a wondering variety of designs. There are cabinets with back-lit LED for instance. This is a new cost-effective and eco-saving technology which is excellent for creating ambiance in a bathroom.

Then there are circular bathroom cabinets with sliding doors, double door versions with built in overhead spot lighting, tall and super slim stainless steel bathroom cabinets, mirrored bathroom cabinets with coloured frames to match the rest of the bathroom furniture. We even stock stainless steel bathroom cabinets which are large enough to stand upright on their own such as the Croydex Eden which comes with two shelves and, because it’s on casters, can be moved around your bathroom at will. It’s 810mm tall x 350mm wide and well worth a look for larger bathrooms we reckon. The unique Croydex Ottawa is a wall hung cabinet that rotates to reveal shelving units at the rear of a front mirror which is perfect for people wanting something a little different in their bathroom design.

Whatever it is you’re looking for we are confident that we will have a suitable cabinet for from our extensive range here at Bella Bathrooms.

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