Designer Radiators

Gone are the days of plain, sturdy, functional bathroom radiators. These are still functional, of course, but today’s radiators also have that something extra – style. While the designers for other forms of bathroom furniture have been snoozing, the individuals in charge of styling the humble bathroom heater have raced on ahead; to the extent they’re created a whole new category of bathroom furniture – the designer radiator.

In fact, bathroom designer radiators can very often become the focal point of a bathroom with the remainder of the furniture and fittings styled around this once practically ignored item.


Manufacturers such as Hudson Reed and Reina have surpassed themselves with a range of designer radiators which are not simply stunning to look at and highly adaptable but, crucially, affordable for most householder’s pockets.

Variety in style of bathroom designer radiators

So, whether it’s a minimalist and slim ladder-style of heating piping you’re looking for, undulating waves, quirky zig zags or even silver spirals, there’s sure to be a model of bathroom designer radiator to suit all tastes. But it doesn't just stop at design. Colour-wise it’s possible to choose from a selection of black radiators or red, white and polished silver offerings. In fact, it seems as if every possible design taste has been unearthed and manufactured into a style of radiator.

One thing today’s radiators have in common with those of its predecessor is the fact that its function (ie how much heat it emits) remains measured in terms of British Thermal Units per hour. This should be an important consideration prior to your settling on a design of bathroom radiator since the most attractive radiator and the one which fits in with the theme of your bathroom may not actually be the best choice for you if it doesn't have the capacity to heat the entire room.

Bathroom designer radiators and interior design

As we've previously mentioned it’s perfectly possible for the designer radiator to become the focal point of your bathroom and indeed the starting point for styling your entire bathroom. Other ideas include using the radiator as a contrast (ie a stark red radiator in a white room or a black radiator propped up against a primrose yellow wall etc).

Depending on where and how you hang your radiator it could also provide more storage. Then there is the fact it could add to the ‘size’ of the bathroom. For instance a radiator hung at waist height leaves plenty of space underneath, giving the impression that the bathroom is larger than it actually is.

A tall, slim ladder-like designer radiator hung in a vertical fashion can make a bathroom seem taller while hung horizontally it could shorten a lengthy wall and make the room appear square.

As well as being much more attractive to look at, today’s bathroom radiators are also far more energy efficient than ever before. They also require less ongoing maintenance. Why not take a look at our collection today and see those benefits for yourself?


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