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It’s very unusual these days to walk into a typical bathroom and discover there’s no shower enclosure (unless the householder is lucky enough to have a separate shower room).

As a result, the sale of shower trays has been pretty constant over the past decade or so. And while demand has risen, the quality of design and range available has done so accordingly.


There are currently three main shapes of shower trays available in the UK:

• Rectangular

The rectangular tray tends to be bigger than other versions and covers a larger floor area. As such it tends to be more suited for larger bathrooms and wet rooms (and, in the case of the latter, looks great when placed in the centre of the room).

• Quadrant

The quadrant tray comprises two straight edges with a curve to the front. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller space-compromised bathrooms as it tends to fit neatly into a corner rather than unobtrusively sticking out into the centre of the bathroom. The curved front also provides slightly more space than a square shower tray would.

• Offset Quadrant

If space-saving isn’t a necessity for a corner shower unit in your bathroom then an offset quadrant can prove ideal. This is because it’s just as stylish, but roomier than a quadrant tray. It also comes in a range of sizes together with left and right handed options.

• Square

The most popular shape of tray on the market today, the square version is available in a wide range of shower tray sizes, from 700mm x 700mm all the way up to 1000mm x 1000mm. But when it comes down to it, it’s the shape that gives the square shower tray its winning appeal. That’s because it can be adapted to fit in corners, recesses, alcoves and even to form a central piece. From small to large bathrooms, this is the tray you’ll more commonly find.

Be sure of your tray’s height

These days it isn’t just size and shape that’s an option when it comes to choosing a shower tray for your bathroom. The height of your tray can also be selected. At Bella Bathrooms we currently stock three main types:

• Low profile

These minimalist style trays are in keeping with more modern trends and are gradually replacing older and standard versions in most bathrooms today.

• Standard

Standard trays have a height of around 80mm (compared to 45mm for low profile) and are still popular in many bathrooms today.

• Easy plumb

In addition to low profile and standard height trays here at Bella Bathrooms we also stock kits from a number of respected bathroom manufacturers which are designed to increase the height of your bathroom shower tray. This has the advantage of making plumbing far easier due to the fact that it provides additional space for pipe work.

Whatever style, size or height of shower tray you choose from it’s all worth remembering that once a shower enclosure is installed on top of it, it’s always going to look a lot bigger and make more of an impact in your bathroom than the actual dimensions of the tray itself.


Heights and Shower Tray Sizes

Choosing the right shower tray for an enclosure may seem like a menial job, but the shape of your shower tray influences the shape of your shower enclosure and door, and will have a significant impact on your entire bathroom. However it’s not only the shape and the size of the tray that needs to be considered, there’s also the height and the plumbing involved.

Luckily there’s not too much variety on the market today to make things confusing when choosing a shower tray for the bathroom; four different shapes with an option of a few alternate heights. Regardless of what size and shape you are set on, you need to think about your desired height for the tray. Here are some pointers about the different options available:

• Easy plumb – this is the tallest style of shower tray which sits on legs to conceal all the ugly and complicated plumbing work. An easy plumb shower tray makes fitting the shower a lot easier, as it provides extra space so you don’t need to worry about hiding the plumbing.

• Standard trays – these have a height of around 80mm and are still seen in many bathrooms today.

• Low profile – to keep up with modern trends, a low profile shower tray measures 45mm tall; the smallest height available. This style looks great in a minimalist bathroom and seems to be gradually replacing older types of shower trays.


The main feature of the shower tray is its shape, and this is completely dependent on the size of your bathroom, the floor space available and the intended positioning of the shower enclosure. In most bathrooms showers are neatly tucked into corners, but those with larger bathrooms can decide to implement a free standing shower in the centre of the room as a focal feature. We are currently seeing a trend for larger, more spacious bathrooms and more generous showers – even walk-in showers or designated shower rooms. Many people without the luxury of more space are ditching their bath and shower combos for more contemporary shower enclosures, for a modern spa-like environment.

Here are the main shapes of shower trays for the bathroom:


Still the most popular shaped tray on the market, a square tray is appealing as it can fit into corners, alcoves or be positioned centrally. The square version is available is a huge range of sizes, making it the ideal choice for small and large bathrooms.


The quadrant tray is a clever design, as it has a curved front to fit neatly into corners without sticking out into the room. This shape also gives the benefit of slightly more shower room than a square, thus making a perfect option for bathrooms where space is compromised or tight.

Offset Quadrant

This tray is a very similar shape to the quadrant, yet it provides more showering space. An ideal choice for corner units, it is designed for bathrooms with more space to utilise and the stylish design is available in right and left handed versions.


The rectangular tray covers a larger floor area, so is only suited for large, spacious bathrooms. It tends to be larger than the other shapes and looks great in the centre of a bathroom as a feature shower enclosure.


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