Towel Rails

When is a bathroom towel rail not simply a towel rail? Answer – when it’s also a heating source and an essential design element. Today’s bathroom towel rails and radiators have come on leaps and bounds since the days of the old-fashioned foot-wide hall heaters that we’d drape our towels over in days of yore.

For a start heated towel rails and radiators are a lot slimmer and less obtrusive than those big chunky radiators of our pasts. Secondly, they really can add to the aesthetics and overall design theme of a room, becoming an important part of the room’s bathroom’s décor.

Whether it’s central heating, dual fuel or electric-only you’re looking for we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the striking ranges around today.


Towel rails and radiators which sizzle with style

Towel rails and radiators today come in a variety of styles designed to fit in with any shape and size of bathroom. They also comprise various different materials and colour shades. At Bella Bathrooms we stock the more popular heated towel rails and radiators available on the market, including:


Our best selling towel rail at the moment, aluminium is lightweight and renowned for its heat conducting properties (they’re especially useful in large bathroom since they radiate heat into every corner). As an added bonus they are also the most eco-friendly option around as they require only one fifth of the water content of other similar radiators, yet radiate 15 per cent more heat.

Chrome towel rails

Like to make your bathroom appear more spacious? Then opt for chrome. That’s because the silver bars will reflect light; giving the room a far more airy feel. Chrome towel rails easily fit in to most décor schemes, and work well in modern bathrooms in particular.

Stainless steel

Add a touch of class to your bathroom with a stainless steel. Top manufacturers such as Reina and Hudson Reed produce a stylistic and practical range to give your bathroom the touch of luxury it deserves.

Column radiators

These have grown in stature over the years to the point where a tall striking column radiator can easily become the focal point of a bathroom. And there are no restrictions on finish either with both matte and gleaming chrome versions available and a range of colours (including dramatic black and airy white).

Dual Fuel heated

Just because they’re practical, doesn't mean they can’t look stunning. Dual fuel heated radiators are incredibly clever in that they’ll still come on when your main heating system is switched off for summer, allowing you to warm the bathroom in isolation so you’ll still get those lovely warm towels to snuggle up to when you exit your shower or bath.


Maybe your bathroom is warm enough and you’re simply looking for a hoop or vertical band on which to hang up towels? At Bella Bathrooms we've more than 40 different styles to choose from such as chrome and wooden rails, rings and towel racks. Take a look today.


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Great radiator that looks amazing in the bathroom, was very easy to plumb in and the free valves were a nice addition
C Johnson - Posted: 2015-03-24 10:29:31
I really love this towel rail the finish really makes the rail pop and stand out in my bathroom also what made it better, the delivery was cheap...
Summer Bond - Posted: 2015-03-11 13:22:16
This is a very stylish radiator, and for its price it was pretty good value
Lewis Sheppard - Posted: 2015-03-09 12:23:00