At Bella Bathrooms, we understand that shower enclosures are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the modern bathroom. More people wish to create a separate shower area in their dream bathroom so rectangular shower tray design has had to become more flexible to meet the demand and different sized bathroom spaces. To help complete your perfect rectangular shower enclosure we offer a selection of fantastic rectangular shower trays to suit your bathroom. Rectangular shower trays may be standard in shape but they are by no means standard in quality or design.


A rectangular shower tray shape follows the lines of your bathroom so it is easy to fit a shower tray snugly into your bathroom area. All our rectangular shower trays are available in three different heights to help you achieve the perfect fit. We have a selection of low profile shower trays to help you achieve a sleek modern and minimalist look in your bathroom. Also available are a range of standard height rectangular shower trays. When it comes to installing your rectangular shower tray we have a large selection of trays to make the process easy and stress free. Our range of easy plumb rectangular shower trays provide the same designer looks and quality as our regular shower trays but allow more space for pipe work making installation effortless.

What Style Rectangular Shower Trays are Available?

In terms of style of our rectangular shower trays they are available with different shaped lips and trims to suit the theme of your bathroom. The outer shape of the rectangular shower trays can vary too in terms of the thickness and the corners, either sticking to geometric shaping or smooth curves to the edge of the tray. Rectangular shower trays tend to suit bathrooms that are looking to create contemporary geometric lines with their rectangular shower enclosure. Rectangular shower trays also suit bathrooms that are trying to create a modern walk in shower area especially the minimalist low profile rectangular trays that fit seamlessly into your bathroom.

The generous sized rectangular shower trays can help you create a very elegant shower enclosure and you can also select a rectangular shower tray dependant on where in the tray the waste flow is sited. Most tend to be in the corner of the shower but centre and mid side waste flows are also an option. This ensures your shower tray functions correctly by removing the excess water quickly and efficiently. In turn this ensures your rectangular shower tray will be easy to keep looking clean and create a more hygienic shower area.

The rectangular shower tray ranges we supply are built to last with the latest in shower design technology. This makes your rectangular enclosure not just an elegant space but also means your rectangular tray is built to last the rigours of everyday use.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer a wide range of rectangular shower trays and we will be amazed if we don’t have the perfect rectangular shower tray for your bathroom when you view our huge range of rectangular shower tray sizes! Our rectangular shower trays are supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers and you will find that the majority of our range is offered with lifetime guarantees as standard assuring you of their top quality.