Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are a valuable addition to any bathroom suite as they allow you to store away all your cleaning products and beauty items as well as spares (such as toilet rolls and toothpaste!) to keep your bathroom looking tidy. This type of cabinet is also very beneficial in family bathrooms as they allow you to keep items such as razors or medicines out of harm’s way for children. Bathroom cabinets these days though don’t just serve as bathroom storage (although this is important, of course). No, today’s cabinets have a more extensive role than purely storage - they can also compliment the whole design of your bathroom furniture suite. Improving the storage in your bathroom can help to keep your bathroom looking pristine and clutter free and keep the design of your bathroom as the main feature.


An illuminated cabinet, for instance, can make a bathroom look roomier and more spacious thanks to its reflective properties, while a mirrored cabinet framed in the same finish as the rest of the bathroom furniture (whether wood or glossy coloured laminate) can provide a neat balance to the whole room and finish off the décor beautifully. White cabinets are particularly popular to tie in with the ever popular white ceramic bathroom suites. We have a large range of bathroom cabinets to work in a variety of different bathrooms. View the large range of bathroom cabinets we have available to buy today and you can soon take delivery of a stylish cabinet that will finish off your bathroom perfectly whilst also improving your bathroom storage.

What Types of Bathroom Cabinets are Available?

Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

A mirrored cabinet with new backlit LED lighting can provide a bathroom with a relaxing ambiance (we’re thinking spa-type environment here) which has never before been available due to the limitations of previous lighting technology with its hitherto glaring incandescent lighting. Admittedly fluorescent lighting provided the ambiance but it’s a lot more costly than LED lighting to run on a long-term basis (and it doesn’t have the smart wave technology). Many individuals like to leave their illuminated cabinets on while enjoying a well-deserved lengthy soak in the bath at the end of the day.

Tall Bathroom Cabinets

Vertical cabinets have the ability to make a small bathroom look taller since the height of the cabinet draws the eye upwards towards the ceiling. Tall bathroom cabinets can also be mirrored which has the advantage of making the bathroom appear wider too. Meanwhile wall hung cabinets also provide clear wall space underneath, allowing the eye to roam easily, making a small room appear larger and more spacious than it actually is (a must for en-suites).

Functional Bathroom Cabinets

Gone are the days when a mirrored cabinet was simply that – a storage place with a handy mirror on front. No, today you’ll find mirrored cabinets with electrical points for shaving, magnifying mirrors for close inspection of those pores of yours, and sensor screens so that just waving an arm will switch on the light (meaning that when you’re not in front of it the cabinet the light will be turned off and happily your utility bills will be lower).

Bathroom Cabinets for Storage

Yes, mirrored cabinets are excellent for hiding away those toiletries you’d rather keep out of sight and, importantly, away from prying little fingers. Indeed some lockable cabinets actually come with child-proof locks (while others have soft closing mechanisms that the grown-ups appreciate).

Don’t be tempted though to go overboard on bathroom storage and buy too many bathroom mirrored cabinets to display around your bathroom. Sometimes it’s best just sticking to one plain white cabinet otherwise your bathroom could start to appear a bit over-crowded, especially if it’s a small en-suite or cloakroom sized room in the first place. Try and find storage nearby instead.

Wall Hung Bathroom Cabinets

To make your bathroom appear larger than it is, use bathroom wall cabinets to keep the clutter out of bathrooms. The need for bathroom storage has never been greater, with the amount of lotions and potions available on the market growing, the days of having just toothpaste, soap and shampoo have gone for good.

The added advantage of bathroom wall cabinets is that they can be installed at a height to suit you, so if you suffer from a bad back just install the bathroom cabinet at a height where no bending is required. The freedom of installation is also good if you have young children in the house, just install the bathroom wall cabinet at a height where you can be safe in the knowledge that your medical consumables are out of harms reach.

For those short on space in the bathroom or if you are looking for a cabinet for a smaller bathroom, we also have a selection of wall mounted corner bathroom cabinets, some boasting the exact same features as some normal cabinets.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinets

The addition of a stainless steel cabinet to your bathroom can be a worthy investment as they really stand the test of time both in terms of durability and design. Stainless steel cabinets are very easy to keep clean and maintain meaning they can last you almost a lifetime. The design of these can also fit with a lot of different styles and bathroom trends meaning every time your taste changes they can fit with that theme.

Non-Conformist Bathroom Cabinets

Happily you’ll find you can get a mirrored bathroom cabinet in just about any size and shape these days which means large bathrooms don’t look out of proportion with a tiny rectangular cabinet stuck in the middle of the wall and small bathrooms don’t look swamped.

Some cabinets also come with additional shelving for storing toiletries which don’t seem to fit anywhere else in the room. And, let’s face it; any storage space in our bathrooms has to be grabbed at.

Whatever your needs though we’re sure you’ll find something suitable from our extensive bathroom cabinet range here at Bella Bathrooms.


Bathroom Cabinets: What’s the Difference?!

If you are refurbishing your whole bathroom and have started to think about the sort of furniture you will be implementing, or you just need a new bathroom cabinet, then don’t make any decisions before reading this buyer’s guide.

Choosing a bathroom cabinet used to be a simple affair, as it was just a case of buying a practical storage space for above the wash basin or vanity unit. These days, bathroom design and a growing need to improve the décor in the often neglected room have led the way for an innovative approach to mirrored storage cabinets.


In the past you may have been forced to choose between functionality and style; fortunately this is no longer the case. A storage cabinet in the bathroom is vital for neatly keeping all those essential toiletries in order within easy reach. However, bathroom cabinets can also compliment other features in the room and the type of cabinet you buy can even have the power to enhance the space as a whole.

Mirrored cabinets can:

• Make a bathroom look more spacious

• Create a peaceful ambience with a lighting effect

• Make a small room appear taller and larger

But which cabinets do the desired trick for your bathroom? Here are a few pointers:

For en-suites and small bathrooms:

All wall cabinets make a bathroom more spacious in a literal way by de-cluttering the bathroom of toiletries and items that can be transferred to the storage cabinet. But choosing a large mirrored cabinet makes a room appear more spacious as it bounces more light around the room (whilst also creating even more storage space for those all-important bathroom essentials!)

A tall and thin mirror cabinet creates height in the bathroom, and draws the eye upwards which ultimately makes the room appear larger. While these may not fit directly over the sink, they are a useful tool for making an en-suite more spacious as the hung cabinet will have a large wall space underneath. Try a vertical mirror cabinet, it’s great for storage and its space making properties – you can always buy a small mirror to hang above the sink if you can’t live without one.

For families:

Families with younger children have a few options when it comes to investing in a safe mirrored bathroom cabinet. Firstly, buy a wall hung cabinet so that you can choose what height to hang the cabinet; this way you can choose a suitable height where dangerous chemicals or medication is out of reach. Additionally, you can buy cabinets with soft closing mechanisms to avoid trapped little fingers, or child proof locks.

For a relaxing atmosphere:

Thanks to modern lighting technology, mirrored cabinets are now available with backlit LED lighting. While you may think lighting around the mirror is unnecessary, it is not just for utilizing when using the mirror itself. An illuminated mirror is great for creating a relaxing ambience in the bathroom, especially during a long shower or soak in the bathtub. Instead of using the main light, just switch on the LED lights within the mirror cabinet and slowly unwind, forgetting the stresses of the day.