Bathroom Mirrors

With the function of mirrors in the modern bathroom becoming more than vanity, bathrooms mirrors have evolved to include extra luxury features and functions designed to enhance any modern home and make our lives easier.


At Bella Bathrooms, we have a large and extensive range of mirrors for bathrooms, available in a range of shapes and styles with a number of integrated features including LED lights, clocks, radios and even shaver sockets. Some lighting in our mirrors is even operated by sensors and comes on with simply the wave of an arm making them ideal for the bathroom when you may have wet hands.

Of course our range of mirrors are not only a practical feature to any bathroom, they can also help with its design in terms of making the bathroom appear larger and lighter when it reflects natural light (both good qualities for an en suite and smaller bathroom). Here we give you a run-down of the different types of bathroom mirrors we have in stock here at Bella Bathrooms - although we’re always adding to our existing stock ranges so it’s worth coming back for a visit regularly if you’re in the market for a bathroom mirror. View our varied range of mirrors for bathrooms and find the perfect one to compliment your bathroom.

LED Mirrors

We’re big fans of LED bathroom mirrors and they’re definitely the future in terms of back-lit bathroom mirrors. That’s because LED lighting doesn’t just use far less energy than other forms of lighting (80 per cent less than incandescent bulbs and 40 per cent less than fluorescent) but they’ll also last for far longer (10 years compared to one year for an incandescent bulb). They also provide a less glaring and more ambient light for your bathroom – exactly the type of look you’re looking for in creating a spa-type relaxing environment.

Mirrors with Lights

Lights attached to a bathroom mirror can help with shaving, applying make-up and other tasks which require close inspection. Some mirrors for bathrooms come with lighting build in to attached panelling and others with lighting on shelves. These types of mirrors tend to be quite a focal point in a bathroom.

Heated Mirrors

The beauty of a heated bathroom mirror is that you’ll never have a steamed up or smeared mirror again. Just think – condensation a thing of the past! This is a particularly important feature for mirrors for bathrooms. Many heated mirrors contain other tricks up their sleeve too such as inbuilt lighting or sensor switches.

Magnifying Mirrors

Here at Bella Bathroom we have illuminated magnifying mirrors as well as magnifying mirrors powered with back-lit LED lighting and containing an integrated shaving socket. Other dual purpose magnifying mirrors have integrated clocks (we’re sure one of these days you’ll be able to check email via a bathroom mirror).

We also have the traditional magnifying mirrors which are wall hung and can be moved closer to the face for shaving or tweezing eyebrows etc. This enhances the area that you are looking at to give you a clearer image, again a really useful function with mirrors for bathrooms.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors can prove to be quite a showpiece in a bathroom but not because they are dazzling – in fact quite the opposite since they tend to give out a back-lit ambient light (which is perfect for relaxing in the bath). Again these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we’re regularly getting new models in here at Bella Bathrooms.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we will have the ideal solution if it is mirrors for bathrooms that you are searching for! We have an extensive range of mirrors with different features to make your daily bathroom routine run smoothly. All of our bathroom mirrors are supplied from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ which assures you these mirrors for bathrooms will last you for years to come.


Transform your Bathroom with a Mirror

The choice of Bathroom mirrors has increased significantly within the last decade, and there is now a variety of revolutionary mirrors in an extensive selection of designs. There are so many features to choose from; heated mirrors, magnifying mirrors, mirrors with lights, mirrors with clocks, radios and shaver sockets – the list is endless. So forget the standard mirror; it’s time to invest in a multipurpose reflective piece of technology.

As with anything, when there’s a lot of choice there’s also a lot of confusion around which model will best suit your bathroom. Read this comprehensive guide, featuring everything you need to know about every single type of modern, dual purpose bathroom mirror.


Lighted Mirrors

Even in this category there is a multitude of options for different bathrooms. Any mirrors fitted with lighting are practical and functional, making daily tasks such as applying make-up, shaving or hair styling easier. Some decorative mirrors with lights often act as a focal centrepiece of a bathroom, and many have additional features such as extra shelving or panelling.

Backlit Mirrors – when light is supplied behind the mirror, it is diffused evenly and creates the perfect lighting for task purposes. Using an overhead light, especially when there is no natural light in the room, causes shadows which is unhelpful when you need to make sure you look good in all types of lighting. Many of these backlit or illuminated mirrors use LED technology, which is energy efficient and safer than candlelight. They also have innovative features, such as flashing sequences, alternating colours or wave sensors to turn the lights on and off.

Illuminated mirrors are also perfect for creating an ambient light, to set a mellow mood in the bathroom to aid relaxation. These are ideal for unwinding in the bath, when the overhead light is too powerful and candlelight does not provide enough light.

Mirrors with Lights – these mirrors have a form of lighting fitted around or above the mirror rather than from behind. They are just as useful and functional for those bathroom tasks where you need to get up close and personal, but they can look more traditional and stylish than futuristic backlit mirrors. Many of these mirrors are designed to compliment other features of the bathroom, with white or wooden frames and extra storage features attached to the mirror.

Heated Mirrors

While these mirrors can warm up those chilly grey mornings, they actually have a more clever purpose; they are anti-mist and condensation. There is nothing more irritating then getting out of the shower and having to wait fifteen or twenty minutes to be able to use the bathroom mirror. With a heated bathroom mirror, you will never have to deal with the steamed up nightmare, and many of these designs also have added features such as lighting or sensors.

Magnifying Mirrors

If you still prefer a traditional, extending magnifying mirror for those personal tasks, you can still enjoy modern features. This range also includes lighted options, and mirrors with integrated clocks to make sure you don’t spend too much time in the bathroom getting ready.