Vanity Units

Fed up with clutter in your bathroom? Then invest in a functional vanity unit to keep your bathroom essentials stored away beneath a stylish basin. Or maybe you’re just someone who dreams of a minimalist look bathroom where all surfaces are gleaming and, more importantly, empty. If either of these scenarios sound like you then it’s time to start focusing on investing in some bathroom furniture.


Bathroom vanity units with basins help to maximize the space in your bathroom by combing your basin with a storage space beneath. Vanity units can make a big impression on a bathrooms decor whilst helping to hide unsightly pipe work and creating a sleek finish. These vanity units incorporate draws, cupboards and both with your basin area to help you have the most effective storage solution for your bathroom.

View our range of bathroom vanity units here at Bella Bathrooms, we have every style, finish and colour (from white to black) bathroom vanity unit imaginable for you to choose from. Not only that but size isn’t an issue either as some of our bathroom vanity units also fit into corners, many are wall hung vanity units (making your bathroom appear larger than it actually is) and others are big enough to become an impressive focal point in the bathroom at 1000mm in width. The neat compact cloakroom vanities are also extremely popular for those space compromised areas. Our range of bathroom vanity units is extensive and will include something for every taste.

How to Choose a Vanity Unit for the Bathroom

The vanity unit you end up choosing may be because of the fact it fits in the rest of your bathroom furniture or it could be that you get the furniture to match the vanity unit because that’s what you fell for first. Both options are a good starting point and most ranges these days can be bought as a package rather than as individual items (which works out less expensive). Such is the lavish design of some of the vanity units you can make your vanity unit the focal point of the bathroom should you wish to. Choose the basin style to best match your bathroom too. With modern basin styles and traditional basin styles available these vanity units should fit in seamlessly with any bathroom.

Many vanity units these days come with modern fittings such as soft-close door and drawer mechanisms. It may seem a little fussy initially but over time you’ll really come to appreciate it as the drawers and doors themselves will suffer less wear and tear (not to mention your ear drums). The most important thing to consider is how you will use the vanity unit as its function is nearly as important as the style choice.

Types of Vanity Unit

  • Wall Hung - Wall hung units give the illusion of extra space in the bathroom as they are suspended above the floor. They are also a more modern design that is associated with the smart hotel look.
  • Floor Standing - These units tend to be larger in terms of the storage space available as they take a larger area of the bathroom.
  • Corner Units - Ideal for the smaller spaces these vanity units sit into the unused area of a bathroom but still provide useful storage solution.

Which Style of Vanity Unit to Choose

At Bella Bathrooms we stock a range of wood veneer vanity units such as oak, natural oak, walnut and wenge (an espresso-like colour). We also have various colours of high gloss bathroom furniture units which can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary bathroom. Take the red and black vanity unit ranges from Ultra for instance or the red Hudson Reed vanity unit and basin with black contrasting side panels. These styles of vanity unit will compliment your white ceramic basin perfectly.

Vanity units with wash basins

Combining the wash basin and vanity unit takes up less space in your bathroom and is an ideal solution for en-suites and other smaller bathrooms. Then again a modern vanity unit is also very stylish and a relatively contemporary concept that’s becoming more popular as time goes on by people creating a minimalist look bathroom.

Bathroom vanity units can come with either a single wash basin or even two ‘his and hers’ style. The latter is obviously larger and as such provides far more storage and surface space.

Some wash basins are flush with the vanity unit while others come semi-recessed. Again, it’s all a matter of individual choice and style. Whichever vanity unit you settle for you will wonder how you managed without one for so long!

Once you have decided on the style and function that you want from a vanity unit then you can view our selection where we are sure you will be amazed at the selection of bathroom vanity units available to you here at Bella Bathrooms to transform your bathroom into the tidy haven it should be! All of our bathroom vanity units are supplied from the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers which assures you of the top quality of these vanity units. With low prices and quick delivery we should be first choice for bathroom vanity units.


How to De-Clutter the Bathroom: Vanity Cabinets

Many of us know the feeling of frustration in the bathroom when we can’t find a product thanks to the vast amount of lotions and potions that have overtaken the whole room. It is easy for modern bathrooms to become cluttered as our daily toiletries seem to be increasing as the size of the bathroom is decreasing.


Size and space is now a huge issue in bathrooms nowadays as houses and rooms are becoming much smaller. More than never, we need to fully utilize any space we do have and only keep essential bathroom items in the bathroom storage and furniture. The best way to organize the bathroom and ensure it stays tidy is to implement as many storage facilities as possible.

To de-clutter a bathroom and manage what space you have effectively, you have to find attractive storage solutions. To give the bathroom a minimalist feel and make sure the room will be kept spotless and clutter-free, install a stylish vanity unit. Combining the wash basin with storage is an effortless, contemporary approach which will definitely improve any bathroom.

Choosing a vanity unit

Most people have a large chunk of space underneath their wash basin that at present is completely wasted. This space can be utilised by having a vanity unit fitted, where people can store the items they use in the washbasin underneath the sink for easy reach. Vanity units come in all different styles, and most are stylish enough to improve the appearance of the room as well as implement a practical storage solution.

Modern vanity units come in a variety of styles; incorporating draws, cupboards or both so you can choose the most effective type of storage for you and your household. Combining the wash basin and vanity unit is a stylish concept, perfect for the minimalist look of small bathrooms and en-suites. However, large bathroom vanities are also becoming popular as a contemporary focal point of the bathroom, and can even incorporate two wash basins. This is an appealing idea for larger bathrooms, where couples can implement a ‘His and Hers’ style and reap the benefits of a bigger surface and a larger storage space underneath the basins.

Choosing a vanity unit is all down to your individual style and what will compliment the décor and furniture already a part of your bathroom. If your bathroom space is restricted, then you will obviously have a more limited choice to select from, and you will have to choose a vanity unit based more on practicality than how it looks. A corner vanity unit is an ideal solution for those extra small spaces such as en-suites and downstairs toilets.

Alternatively, you may be drawn to a vanity unit because of its pleasing exterior, and how beautiful it would look in your bathroom. Maybe you’re impressed with soft-close mechanisms on doors and draws, especially if you have young children who can trap their fingers. Whichever element you choose first, all vanity units will serve a dual purpose; a functional storage space and an eye-catching bathroom feature.