Shower Doors

There is a lot demanded of a shower door these days. Not only do they have to be functional and neat in order to keep in the water of course, but style too is a big factor for most bathrooms. With an increase in people wanting to have separate shower enclosures for their bathroom glass shower door design has had to develop to ensure these separate shower enclosures can work for a variety of different sized bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms are best suited to sliding shower doors or bi fold shower doors as they don’t open out in the bathroom restricting the remaining amount of space in the bathroom. Most of the shower door designs work in larger bathrooms, such as hinged doors or pivot doors or opt for the ultimate luxury of a walk in shower enclosure. As you will see shower door design has altered greatly from the traditional pivot style glass door.


The clear glass shower doors help to reflect light around the bathroom making your bathroom feel more spacious. There are so many different makes and models of shower doors available you will be spoilt for choice when designing your ideal shower enclosure for your bathroom. A beautiful glass shower door can really add contemporary style to your bathroom area and make stunning shower enclosures.

What is Available in the Shower Door Range?

Bi fold

A very flexible type of shower door, Bi fold doors fold in on themselves and because of this don’t take up much space. The clear glass panels neatly fold away and as a result they are perfect for smaller bathrooms and en-suites. The bi fold shower doors can be fitted into a tight corner or even a recess and require a side panel for balance. With these shower enclosures having the ability to fold back a shower door when not in use creates the illusion of more space in your bathroom too.


Just as the name suggests these sliding shower doors slide - or rather glide seamlessly - along a runner and are very simple to operate. The sliding glass panels offer a very modern and minimalist look to any shower enclosure and allow for a large showering area in your bathroom. They also fit snugly together which happily means you won’t have to worry about water escaping from your shower enclosure onto your bathroom floor.


Pivot doors are very neat looking and can be bought either with an additional glass panel or in a singular fashion (when cleverly fitted into a recessed area). Pivot shower doors tend to be found in larger bathrooms and you’ll find they tend to have a bit of a luxurious feel about them. They are a flexible style of shower door as they can be used for shower enclosures in the centre of a bathroom and leaning against a wall or even in the corner of the room making them a good option for a variety of enclosures.


A hinged shower door can add a touch of class to any bathroom in which it is fitted. There is also a reassuring sound when the door closes, knowing that the shower enclosure is completely sealed and there’ll be no danger of water escaping onto your pristine bathroom floor. These clear glass hinged doors are available in either a frame or frameless design (the latter working especially well with a minimalist bathroom design). Framed options usually come with chrome hinges which can give a nice co-ordinated look for the enclosures with similarly finished bathroom fittings. Of all the glass shower doors mentioned these are probably the easiest to use and are a good shower door to choose for those with mobility problems as they allow easy access to a shower enclosure.


Shower Doors for Different Spaces

Showers are becoming a central feature in many of today’s bathrooms, especially smaller rooms where baths are not an option. People are demanding more of their showers, and want the ultimate experience in function, practicality and style.

Choosing the right shower door really depends on the type of shower you are installing; the decision ideally needs to be made together. There is such a colourful spectrum of showers available today that there is much to consider when finding the perfect shower for your bathroom. From walk-in showers to showers over baths, a stylish and effective door can make all the difference. The space you have available in the bathroom is also a huge deciding factor, where the shape of the floor plan may decide the option of shower door for you.

For smaller bathrooms and en-suites, there may be a limited option of doors available for your shower. These are practical and effective at ensuring you have a premier shower experience in the tight space you have. In larger bathrooms, you will probably use the shower enclosure as a feature in the design of the room and therefore may opt for a more ornamental door element.


For Small Bathrooms

For showers in small bathrooms and en-suites, you will want to utilize what space you do have, therefore we recommend choosing a sliding or bi-fold door. A smooth gliding shower door is the epitome of minimalism, while creating the largest showering space possible in a small room. Sliding doors are ideal for all shapes and sizes of shower enclosures and really complete the sleek style of the bathroom. Choose from a variety of styles where you can have one large door or two or three sliding panels.

The next option which is ideal for a smaller room is the bi-fold shower door. These doors fold in on themselves, so once again do not protrude outside of the shower area into the precious open space. The flexible doors can be fitted to almost any shower enclosure, including those in tight corners.

For Large Bathrooms

If you have the luxury of a larger bathroom where space can be sacrificed, then there are a variety of options for your shower enclosure and the door element. Pivot and hinged doors are a sleek choice to add contemporary chic to the bathroom and an aura of luxury. Alternatively, if you have the space why not implement an extravagant walk-in shower which wouldn’t need any door at all.

A pivot door can be installed into a shower enclosure in the centre of a bathroom or against a wall. It can be purchased as a singular element and attached to a wall rather than an enclosure too. Create an extra area ready for indulgence by choosing a stylish pivot shower door.

Hinged doors are very similar to pivot doors but have a few added design advantages. For a safe and assured showering experience, a hinged door will click when it is closed properly, ensuring there is no water leaking from the enclosure. They are also available in a frame or frameless design, to compliment all bathroom styles, and you can choose hinges to match the rest of your bathroom features.