Black Radiators

Whether you’re looking for a high gloss column black radiator with mounting legs, an anthracite designer black radiator complete with mirror, or a black radiator in the design of an elongated cross courtesy of leading bathroom designer company Hudson Reed, then look no further – for at Bella Bathrooms we have an enormous selection to choose from.

There is certainly something very stylish and elegant about a black radiator, especially if it’s placed against a brightly coloured bathroom wall. But even if it’s a plain coloured wall it finds itself against, today’s black radiator is always going to be a piece of eye-catching bathroom furniture thanks to the huge growth in radiator design within the past few years. Indeed it’s not unheard of for an entire bathroom to be designed around the radiator alone.


But today’s black radiators don’t just look good, they also perform exceptionally well. Lightweight materials have kept the weight down while eco-friendly features mean long-term running costs will also benefit the householder’s pocket. Finishes for black radiators too have improved where chip and rust paints or sprays have ensured durability and stunning high gloss or smooth matt finishes.

Your average black radiator today will consist of slim-line flat panels – either hung vertically or horizontally - while many are dual fuel operated which means they can be heated by both a heating element and a home’s wet central heating system.


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Peter Alexander - Posted: 2014-09-03 10:02:19
Radiator looks brill and has an outstanding heat outage. Just what I needed to replace my old flat to the wall white one.
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Nicole Dale - Posted: 2014-04-30 08:52:42