Small Toilets

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bathroom; the majority of us could really do with a little bit more floor space in quite often the smallest room of the house. Short projection back to wall toilets are a good way of achieving this. The range of small toilets we have here at Bella Bathrooms will save you those very important few centimetres.


We have in stock wall hung toilets, compact toilets, short projection toilets and flush to wall toilets all suiting small spaces developed by manufacturers who are leading the way in bathroom design, especially for small bathrooms. And just because it’s small in size dimensions doesn't mean it’s not luxurious or designer with most of the modern compact toilets featuring soft close mechanisms on the toilet seats to add opulence to your bathroom space.

What Types of Small Toilet are Available?

I know what you are thinking you have a picture in your head of the small toilets at an infant school; however these are full size where it counts, and have cut down on the dimensions of the not so important parts, like the depth of the cistern. If a small toilet will make all the difference to your bathroom, look no further, we have a fantastic selection of toilets on offer.

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