Bathroom Lighting

In the modern home, lighting is key for both practicality and also for creating the desired effect and style in a room, Bella Bathrooms extensive range of bathroom lighting means that the bathroom does no longer need to subject to drag lighting. At Bella Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathroom wall lights, ceiling lights and downlights to help brighten up your bathroom. When it comes to installing bathroom lighting, wall lights and downlights can be installed in a variety of different location and due to this great flexibility they can be used to highlight and ‘show off’ certain aspects of your bathroom.

Lighting up the Bathroom

Bathroom lighting has evolved so much from the conventional harsh ceiling bulb and it is really something to take advantage of when renovating the bathroom. Lighting is critical in the modern home for creating the right mood and overall impression of a room, and of course it also needs to be safe and practical.

There is an all-embracing range of bathroom lighting to choose from, all of which is utilitarian, effective in setting the tone of the room and in addition is a stylish design feature of the bathroom. Implemented a few different lighting options is also possible, meaning you have a choice of lighting depending on your mood and the function you require the lighting for. For example, early in the morning you may need a bright light to wake you up in the shower; whereas an evening bath may call for low lighting to aid relaxation.

With so many lighting options it may become daunting, but we’ve put together all the facts and essential information for you to make an informed choice. Identify what effect you are trying to create in the room, and choose the lighting option which will best generate it.



Downlighting adds a contemporary glow to any bathroom, and can be fitted all over the room; even directly above the shower. They are installed into a hollow opening and have the power to transform any bathroom into an appealing space. Low voltage downlights are efficient due to their low wattage requirements, and additionally can be adjusted and dimmed to amend perfectly to your current mood. Also available in the downlights range are fire rated downlights, which have a higher fire resistant quality than most and meet more legal requirements than regular lighting. Downlights are the ultimate choice for an enlightening, safe and practical shower experience.

Ceiling Lights

These lights can look similar to downlights but come in an extensive range of sizes, designs and energy options. If your bathroom deserves a spot of luxury then why not install spotlights? The more traditional bathroom may call for a large round ceiling light or one of the other hanging varieties in the wide spectrum. LED ceiling lights and designated shower lights are a popular choice to add a fresh white light or a warm glow to any bathroom; they also boast an 80% energy saving factor compared to a halogen mains light.

Wall Lights

Lighting designs mounted onto the wall give you more freedom in the placement of your lighting, and allows you to draw attention to a certain area of the room. They also produce a softer light than overhead lighting, and complete the overall style of the room.

Mirror Lights

Lighting above or around the mirror is the most practical and functional place to install light where we need it most. A bathroom mirror light can be a statement feature in the room, or it can be purely installed to make the bathroom a more efficient place to get ready in the morning or evening.