Bathroom Suites

Who doesn’t love relaxing in the bath at the end of a long, tiring day or washing off all of the day’s excesses in a warm free-flowing and fast-powered shower? And it’s even better if you happen to love being in your bathroom at the same time.

As a society we seem to be spending an increasing amount of time in our bathrooms these days - thanks to the fact that it’s not nearly as expensive to create a lovely spa-type environment in the smallest room in the house as in the past. And actually in many instances our bathrooms are no longer the smallest room in our homes (such is our growing fondness for our bathrooms).

At Bella Bathrooms quality and variety are our trademarks. You can browse every kind of style and size of bathroom suite we have available online from the comfort of your own home.


Designer name cheap bathroom suites – without the designer price tag

These include luxurious designer and impressive standard bathroom suites from such well-established names as Tavistock, RAK Ceramics, Moods, Vitra and Premier. All offer minimalist, traditional and modern styles designed for every home and budget from space-compromised one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom couples’ starter homes to large villa-style properties designed for family living.

Our ranges consist of a toilet, bath (some have a combined bath/shower unit) and wash basin. Most come with a choice of either floor standing or wall-hanging items. - the latter work particularly well in modern bathrooms or smaller cloak-room style bathrooms where space is at a premium. This is because wall hanging models leave a gap between the item and the floor which allows the eye to travel freely around the room, giving the impression of additional space.

Get the best bathroom suite for size

The size of your bathroom is, of course, the first consideration when it comes to purchasing a new bathroom suite. Then it’s a case of choosing which style particularly appeals to you and will work well with your décor ideas. Current ranges here at Bella Bathrooms such as the Tavistock Salisbury or Premier Ryther with their larger square shaped, chunky and ornamental sinks would work well in a Victorian or country style room for instance, while the RAK Metropolitan and Vitra S20 is perfect for a smart city apartment or a small guest bedroom en-suite. Elegant, bold, stylish and sleek – we are completely confident that you can’t fail to find your perfect collection from our wide online selection of bathroom suites.

Once you’ve chosen your suite it’s time to look at the furniture ranges to enhance it. Some of the suites will have bathroom furniture specifically build to co-ordinate but many of the ranges can be mixed and matched – especially within the same designer collections.

Accessorise with modern mechanisms

Lighting is crucial and there are numerous options available today from under cabinet lighting to LED wall mounted and mirrored cabinets. Other little touches - which can make all the difference - include a toilet with soft-close lid and dual flush facility or drawers and cabinets containing a built-in soft close mechanism. There are many decisions to be made in choosing a bathroom suite but at the end of the day, once your bathroom is installed in your home, you’ll be absolutely delighted you took the time to ponder.


Buyer’s Guide: Bathroom Suites

When making improvements or completely remodelling a bathroom, it is crucial to find the perfect main feature; the bathroom suite. It is important to take your time on this important decision, as getting to grips with traditional, modern and minimalist designs can be tricky. Remember that you will use the bathroom, and inevitably have to live with your suite decision, multiple times daily for a long time to come.

For this reason it is important to have in mind a look and overall effect or mood you would like to achieve with your bathroom design.You need to consider colour schemes, lighting and how the bathroom will fit in with the rest of your home before choosing a bathroom suite. It is also important to think about the size of the suite within the room, and the functionality of the suite; would you like to install eco-friendly features or do you have any special access requirements? Once you’ve decided on what to prioritise between practicality and decoration – or an attempt to achieve both – you can start browsing the vast collection of suites.

Of course, you don’t have to choose a bathroom suite at all – you can mix and match the fittings. However, it can be much easier and more affordable to buy all of your matching bathroom fittings together as a package.


Be coordinated

Bathroom suites are simply the best way to achieve a stream lined, coordinated finish in the bathroom. With a sleek wash basin, toilet and bathtub, it is a stylish option that many people prefer and ultimately looks cleaner and more attractive than differing features.

Save time and money

Trudging around showrooms for numerous weekends and spending hours online searching for the ideal bathroom fixtures can be extremely tedious - and may even result in choosing bathroom fittings you don’t particularly like to end the tiresome searching process. Choosing a bathroom suite certainly saves you time, and more often than not there’s a good chance it will cost less too. Even top-end bathroom designers are realising the need of the suite package, and usually offer a discounted price on their full bathroom suites.

Make the most of the space

There are many bathroom suites specifically designed for smaller bathrooms or oddly shaped rooms. With limited space, it is vital to design a floor plan and ensure your favourite suite will be able to be installed comfortably. Larger bathrooms can make the most of the space with a large, free standing bath which neatly matches the rest of the suite. For smaller bathrooms, it is suggested to opt for wall mounted fittings to give the illusion of more space.

When attempting to find your ideal bathroom suite, you should talk to a professional who will be able to recommend the best fittings for your needs. Once you’ve established a style and what functional necessities the room requires, you should be able to narrow down your search. Whether you prefer a classic design or a contemporary feel, a bathroom suite is your best option.