Cloakroom Suites

Cloakroom suites are increasingly common within the modern home. They are suitable for use in small bathrooms, en-suites or a ‘downstairs toilet ‘with an affordable price tag they are becoming widely available to all.

When it comes to refurbishing or adding an en-suite or ‘downstairs toilet’ many of which are limited with regards to space customers now turn to Cloakroom Suites, due to their compact sizes and great functionality.

At Bella Bathrooms, we have a fantastic range of cloakroom suite available in a range of different styles from traditional to contemporary. We also have cloakroom suites with the option of bathroom furniture to truly get the most from your cloakroom suite. This stunning range of cloakroom suites available allows you to create your own perfect bathroom suite in the smallest of spaces.

Buyer’s Guide: Cloakroom Suites

When renovating a very small bathroom or downstairs toilet room, it can be a real struggle to find a suitable bathroom suite to fit nicely. Many en-suites or downstairs toilets are extremely limited on space, making even fitting a standard toilet and basin a tight squeeze.

Modern homes need a practical solution to this space problem, and cloakroom suites are the ideal choice. Specifically designed for small bathrooms which are extremely limited on space, many of them have scaled down fixtures and clever space saving additional features. With modern, stylish designs and innovative space saving fittings such as wall mounted toilets and basins, cloakroom suites allow home owners to create the perfect bathroom in the smallest of spaces. There is absolutely no reason why a small en-suite or downstairs toilet room cannot be as modern and elegant as a standard bathroom graced with a more spacious floor plan.


Depending on the shape and size of the toilet room or bathroom, you may require an individual cloakroom feature or a complete suite. With a compact design, cloakroom basins are the ultimate in practicality and aesthetically pleasing. To create the illusion of more space, they are wall hung and incredibly streamlined for convenience. There is even a choice of fitting a corner basin, which will utilize the corner of the room and create more space where you need it the most. Many basins also have a handy space saving solution, such as a combined towel rail or ceramic worktop. These features help the bathroom to be even more efficient, as the basin serves a dual purpose to create space for toiletries or a way of hanging a towel vertically under the sink.

Saving space is also possible with a cloakroom toilet, which serves two functions; it will be functional at saving precious space and the minimalist design will also achieve a sleek, contemporary effect throughout the bathroom. Furthermore, some cloakroom suites provide entire units which consist of a toilet, basin and vanity unit for that all-important storage solution.

Cloakroom Suites with Furniture

Investing in a cloakroom suite with additional furniture is a clever way to ensure an essential coordinated finish for a small bathroom. Many of the compact cloakroom basins come in a vanity unit design, to fully utilize the space you do have under the sink. These modern designs also look attractive in all bathrooms, fitting with neutral or vivid colour schemes and complimenting just about any style or décor.

A back to wall unit, fitted behind the toilet is another modern design which can enhance the bathroom’s features. The boxed unit looks neat and tasteful, and provides a handy shelf on the top to place toiletries or decorate with flowers and candles.

Whichever type of cloakroom suite you choose, you will be sure to achieve a sleek, stylish utilitarian bathroom which is the ultimate in functionality. We suggest you fully embrace the cloakroom suite with an additional vanity unit or compact furniture, as an easy way to create concealed storage space.