Shower Enclosures

It’s almost obscene – the amount of choice we have in shower enclosures here at Bella Bathrooms. But that’s because no two bathrooms are ever the same (even those in new build estates these days tend to have a bit of variety in them and that’s why we’ve thought of just about every shape and size necessary).

We’ve also noted down a check list of what you need to think about prior to ordering your shower enclose. And we’ve made it even easier for you with our Filter System to help narrow your search and allow you to identify your perfect shower in no time at all. You can take a look at leading names such as Premier, Identiti2, Aquadart, Manhattan, Ultra, Tavistock, Hudson Reed. But first bear the following in mind:


Select the correct size

This is your first step and, of course, very much depends on the entire size of your bathroom (ie in terms of how much room you want to maintain to move around in) and how big a focus you want the shower to be.

Sizes tend to range from 700mm for small guest bedrooms and en-suites, all the way up to 1600mm for a three-sided shower enclosure.

A good plan prior to ordering, even if you think you’ve chosen the correct size, is to mark the size of the shower out on the bathroom floor with chalk or marker pen first (alternatively, make a cardboard template). Remember too, if you plan on buying a hinged shower door that it will open into the bathroom and take up space that way.

Think about where your shower enclosure will go

Most showers tend to fit in one corner of the room, although a good many too are recessed or centrally located against the one wall. Wherever you decide to locate your shower though you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty of variation in styles and general choice.

Corner shower enclosures for instance come in cubed, quadrant and off-quadrant shapes with sliding or hinged doors. Walk-in enclosures too are growing in popularity while pivot doors, bi-fold doors and bow fronted variations are also available these days, as well as complete self-contained units.

How does it fit in with the overall design of your bathroom?

This is where the vast array of choices really does kick in. Sliding doors, walk-through wet rooms and showers which appear to be a room in itself, these all come in modern and even traditional styles which you can adapt to fit in with your overall theme.

And what about shower accessories?

Accessories help with design and here at Bella Bathrooms these vary from shower curtains and rail to ceiling supports and fixed wooden shower seating.

As well as taking the above into account it’s also a good idea to see exactly what your shower and enclosure looks like in the flesh (as it were) if you’re having difficulty imagining it in your own bathroom. At Bella Bathrooms we have a number of shower enclosures on display in our Darlington showroom although we’d ask you call us first to ensure your preferred model is displayed in order to save you a wasted journey.


Bella Bathrooms Buyers Guide: Shower Enclosures

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to shower screens. And it’s a good thing given that no two bathrooms are the same! No matter what the shape, size or style of your bathroom, there is a perfect shower screen out there for you. Read on for a list of important things to consider when sifting through the profusion of options.



The size of shower screens can vary significantly depending on the overall size of the bathroom and how much attention you want to give the shower area. Average sizes range from a compact 700mm for small guest bedrooms and en-suites to a luxurious 1600mm for a three-sided shower enclosures and walk in wet rooms. A great way to make sure you order the right size is to mark out the length and width of the shower on the bathroom floor with chalk. This will ensure your measurements are spot on! Also keep in mind that a hinged shower screen door is going to swing out into the bathroom and space should be allocated accordingly.


Showers are conventionally placed in corners as this is generally the most space efficient position. That said, it is becoming increasingly trendy to install a shower recess or locate the enclosure centrally against a wall, turning the shower into something of a statement feature. Whatever position you choose, there is a huge variety of enclosures on offer to bring your vision to life. Corner showers generally come in the form of cubed, quadrant and off-quadrant shapes accompanied by hinged or sliding doors. Pivot doors, bi-fold doors and bow fronted variations are also available for those who want to maximise space efficiency. For those that want to make an impact, large sliding doors and walk in wet rooms are dramatic, impressive and modern takes on the traditional shower space. With a wide range of designs available, shower doors can be bought to suit any bathroom style, from timeless and traditional to classy and chic.

Shower Accessories

Accessories might be small but they can often make an immense contribution to the overall look, feel and practical function of your bathroom. This can include anything from shower curtains and rails to wooden shower seats and stools. Coordinating your shower accessories with the style of your bathroom is a great way to tie together the theme and give your bathroom a consistent, streamlined look.

While browsing ranges and thinking about size, positioning and accessories is important, the best thing you can do when designing a bathroom is to visit a showroom and inspect the wide range of options in the flesh. This can often help with difficult decisions between designs and allows you to paint a far better mental image of what the finished product is going to look like.