Column Radiators

Column radiators come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colours these days. It’s possible to choose from matt black, white, high gloss silver and even red–painted column radiators as well as traditional chrome and steel surfaces (brushed and satin) for your bathroom.

Hudson Reed’s Sloan Double Designer even contains a mirror. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a high ceiling and tall vertical windows? Then think how spectacular the 1800 mm tall column radiator from our Designer Collection would look standing parallel to that glass.


The column radiator is also extremely versatile in that it can be wall hung or left to stand upright on its own. Many models of column radiator today are fitted with slim piping which allows the radiator to fit into any awkward places in the room leaving larger surfaces for wall cabinets and additional storage. It also ensures the radiator itself doesn’t take up too much space in what may already be a space-compromised room.

And on that note, these radiators are perfect for en-suites and small bathrooms as they can be wall-hung at waist height leaving the space below for either storage or simply to give the impression of more space in the room.


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