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Furniture Collections

Choosing bathroom furniture today is as exciting as selecting display units, storage cabinets and tables for your living room or kitchen – such is the huge variety and quality around. Indeed it’s possible to buy authentic-looking vintage style bathroom furniture reminiscent of the 1950s or even the Victorian or Georgian eras.

Pining for a country style bathroom make-over? No problem –take a look at some of the pretty collection around today such as the Moods pistachio or ivory range and purchase instantly online.


Then of course there are those amazing minimalist-styled modern bathroom furniture collections where it feels as if you've either entered a five star Japanese hotel or landed on a space ship in a future galaxy. Whatever style you’re looking for, here at Bella Bathrooms we’re confident we have a bathroom furniture collection which, if it’s not exactly a 100 per cent to the bathroom of your dreams, then it’s going to at least get your heart beating that bit faster when you spot it.

Wooden bathroom furniture collections

Oak, walnut (both light and dark), and the more unusual wenge – all are wooden veneers found in bathroom collections available at our online store. Wood is a popular choice for bathrooms because it is an easy surface to match with other colours (indeed it’ll go with most shades), it retains a rather sophisticated air and it certainly isn't difficult to keep smart maintenance-wise. You’ll find this is the look of choice for any spa-type environment thanks to its natural feel and the simplicity of the wood. It also looks great framed by large white fluffy soft towels.

High gloss bathroom furniture

Why shouldn't bathrooms have a bit of fun too? For a dramatic and modern look there’s no question that a high gloss bathroom furniture range is the one to go for – especially in the more outlandish and stunning red or black shades. Keep the rest of the bathroom plain, make the furniture itself the focal point of the room, and you’ll love how striking a high gloss furniture collection turns what was once a rather plain room into a showcase environment.

Bathroom furniture collections and clever storage ideas

Never before has so much storage been achieved in so small a potential space. Bathroom furniture designers have become increasing smart over the years, optimizing the storage capacity of vanity units and even building shelving into mirror frames. Drawers come with individualised compartments and deeper bottoms while most are equipped with a modern soft closing mechanism to protect the furniture against wear and tear.

For those who enjoy having a few accessories on display there’s open shelving cabinets available and which are also perfect for showing off fancy towelling. There are even corner shaped vanity unit wash basins to provide storage in the smallest en-suite or cloakroom bathroom. And on that note, most furniture collections these days have vanity units and mirrored cabinets or plain tall cabinets available in either wall hung or free standing versions, depending on how much space your bathroom affords.


Buyer’s Guide: Bathroom Furniture

When refurbishing or remodelling a bathroom, many people focus on the main fixtures first such as the location of the basin, shower and bath. But choosing a bathroom furniture collection should be very much included in the original planning process, for two main reasons.

Firstly, you need to create an accurate floor plan so if you’re going to have standing cabinets or a vanity cabinet underneath the washbasin, it could affect the whole layout of the room.

Secondly, your choice of bathroom furniture can have a huge impact on the overall effect, functionality, décor and atmosphere of the bathroom.


Most home owners don’t give a lot of thought to their choice of bathroom furniture, as they view it as a more functional piece of utilitarian equipment than appreciate its decorative properties. However, a matching collection of bathroom furniture is a sure fire way to transform a regular bathroom into a luxury home spa instantly.

However, with so much choice it can be hard to know where to start with picking the perfect furniture for your bathroom. From wooden furniture to modern high gloss, and draws and cupboards to open shelving cabinets, with such a vast selection on offer it can be an overwhelming choice. That is why during bathroom improvements, you need to decide from the very start what sort of mood and atmosphere you want to create.

A wooden furniture collection is a great timeless investment, as it is an easy surface to match with all other shades you may have in your bathroom. Its simplicity and natural look will help create a spa-like feel and ambience in any bathroom. For a more modern, striking effect or if you have a specific colour scheme in mind you may wish to opt for high gloss furniture to add drama to a large bathroom. These ranges usually come in white, black, red or other dark shades so they are great for monochrome bathrooms or if you want to add a splash of colour to a bright white backdrop.

Do you have a young family and need lots of storage?

Lots of furniture collections now prioritise optimizing the storage capacity of cabinets. Space under the sink can be utilized with draws or cupboards creating large vanity units, and free standing or mounted cabinets are growing taller to allow for more shelving. If you have young children, many modern furniture collections include child-friendly soft closing mechanisms.

Are you looking to create more space in the bathroom?

For smaller bathrooms or en-suites, it’s good to understand how you can make the room appear more spacious just by choosing the right features and furniture. It’s best to adopt a minimalist theme, with as little pieces of furniture as possible to increase floor space. Tall cabinets which can be mounted onto the wall create an optical illusion which makes the room feel larger, and should be more than enough space to tidy away loose toiletries and personal products.

Creating space under the sink is also a good way to open the space – choose a vanity cabinet that doesn’t extend all the way to the floor. When renovating smaller bathrooms you should also opt for shower enclosures or wet rooms, with large glass panels to reflect light around the room.


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