Bathroom Furniture

Choosing bathroom furniture can be pretty exciting as this is where you really get to grips with the style and design style of the smallest room - although in many cases these days bathrooms have overtaken guest bedrooms in terms of size, such is the pleasure people take in this formerly functional room which is now more akin to a spa-type environment where we like to spend hours relaxing.


Adding beautiful oak bathroom furniture to your room can bring that natural feel to your bathroom whilst providing you with some handy storage. If you’re more for minimalism then choose sleek white gloss units that will be added seamlessly to your bathroom. Bathroom furniture can be the star of the show in your bathroom due to the range of different styles and finishes available. What’s more this furniture allows you to keep your bathroom essentials tidied out of sight so your bathroom suite is the focus!

View our extensive range of bathroom furniture and see how they can make a valuable addition to various bathroom spaces.

Bathroom Furniture Sets from Favourite Names

At Bella Bathrooms we have an extensive range of beautiful furniture sets, each renowned for its quality, workmanship and attention to detail. These include the ‘big names’ in the world of bathrooms such as Hudson Reed, Ultra, HiB, Tavistock, Moods, Premier, Ikoma and Mito who all offer fantastic bathroom furniture sets.

So, whether you’re looking for a compact vanity unit with semi-recessed wash basin to fit a smaller en-suite or cloakroom style bathroom (Moods Vista Modern and the Premier Dove collection), or a stunning and more expansive collection (Linea Luxury Fitted Furniture) you’ll find cabinets, vanity units and mirrors to fit every size of bathroom from our Bella Bathrooms portal.

Finishes with finesse

And, of course, when it comes to variety we’re not just talking about the size. Those who appreciate the look of wooden bathroom furniture collections can choose between natural oak, walnut and wenge. Oak bathroom furniture is extremely popular for people creating a spa look for their bathroom or those who want to add texture to their bathroom. We stock a variety of oak bathroom furniture from our leading bathroom manufacturers. We particularly love the Ikoma Oak Bathroom Furniture Collection which features an attractive vanity unit in a generous variety of different sizes.

Then there are the gleaming white bathroom furniture collections which, in the case of the Hudson Reed, Ultra and Design ranges, also come in a stunning and never-to-be-forgotten bright red - reserved for those who really enjoy making a statement with their bathroom. For lovers of vintage or country style bathrooms Moods have produced a furniture collection in two lovely shades – pistachio and ivory (we wouldn’t blame you if just one look at a particular collection completely changed your original style plans).

What we’re saying then is that it’s possible to design your own individualised, unique bathroom – such is both the selection and adaptability of bathroom furniture collections available on the market today.

Money no barrier to bathroom style

Thankfully these days money doesn’t preclude style either, with many of the ranges available at rock-bottom prices, ensuring there’s a bathroom furniture collection to suit most budgets. Once you’ve chosen the range of furniture you prefer the next decision is in terms of whether you’re looking for floor standing or wall hung items (the latter is best in space compromised bathrooms or those seeking a more modern, minimalist look). We stock a good selection of both types of furniture and have a vanity unit and toilet unit to suit most bathroom designs along with a plethora of bathroom furniture cabinets.

Fitted bathrooms tend to make the best use of available space and can provide an overall more ‘polished’ look to the room. Then it’s time to choose worktops and mirrors. Our selections include fun ‘glitter’ worktops which sparkle when hit by light, and classic grey marble effect slabs. Meanwhile at Bella Bathrooms we’re proud to have one of the largest bathroom mirror selections in the country with LED lighting a particular feature of many new ranges. The latter is excellent at creating ambiance in a bathroom thanks to its non-glare facility and adaptability (including heat sensor versions). Relaxing ambiance and even somewhere to rest a minute and clear our heads is, after all, what we’re looking for from our spa-type bathroom environments these days.

Wall Hung Furniture

Wall hung bathroom furniture is a valuable asset to anyone with a smaller bathroom. With any smaller bathroom, you need as much room as possible to manoeuvre around, so you don’t want vital floor space being taken up by bathroom furniture. With smaller bathrooms, the main goal is to make them look bigger than they actually are so choosing wall hung bathroom furniture is a great start and with many of our items having mirrored doors it also creates the illusion of space while utilising one fixture with a multiple purpose.

Obviously the space saving aspect of wall hung furniture is very important however there are also extra advantages to having wall mounted units. Once installed it will be raised from the ground making it easier to retrieve objects from within cabinets. Along with this there is going to be much less mounted on the floor making your bathroom much easier to clean in one simple action rather than trying to manoeuvre around objects such as pedestals and toilet pans.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we have a huge range of bathroom furniture to suit every taste from natural oak bathroom furniture to high gloss bathroom furniture in white, black and even red. All of our furniture range is offered with lengthy manufacturers’ guarantees assuring you of top quality. We offer bathroom furniture sets at a competitive price with quick delivery so go ahead and order your perfect bathroom accessories today!


Stylish and Practical Bathroom Furniture – Turn Your Bathroom From Chaotic To Calming

With the bathroom the focal point of the house when it comes to getting ready for work and going out, it is no surprise that it is easily cluttered with everyone’s favourite products and pampering essentials. While it’s usage may be large, the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms size-wise and typically has the fewest storage solutions installed. Add this to the constant stream of people in and out and it’s easy to see how the bathroom quickly turns into a dumping ground of wet towels, makeup, cosmetics, toiletries and pampering products. This build up can make the room seem grubby and disjointed. From toothbrushes and toiletries, to electrical shavers and hair appliances, just a few things left out will overcrowd surfaces and create a sense of chaos in what should be a calming, restful haven.


If this sounds like you bathroom, then it is time to take action. By introducing some simple storage solutions, there will be no excuse for forgetting to tidy away hair and beauty daily essentials. From integrated cabinets to boxed shelving erected on the walls, here are a few stylish and practical furniture suggestions, to take your bathroom from chaotic to calming in no time at all.

Wall Mirror cabinet

– A mirror cabinet is not only a great storage solution, if you pick the right one it can also be a central decorative feature of the bathroom. Mirror cabinets have a reputation of looking rather tacky, but this is not the case for many modern designs. With a wide range of shapes and sizes, Bella Bathrooms have a fantastic collection of contemporary mirror cabinets, to suit the décor of most bathrooms. Tidying away everything you use daily in the mirror, behind the mirror itself, is a practical way to make space.

Tall cabinet

– A tall cabinet has the potential to be a central feature, especially in large bathrooms where you may wish to have two standing cabinets together or in separate areas. Tall cabinets are definitely the way to create the most storage space, so they are very practical for bathrooms shared by a large group of people. Choose from standing versions with plenty of shelves, or mounted tall cabinets are another option if you don’t have much floor space available around the walls. A tall cabinet serves another purpose than just providing a neat place for everyone’s toiletries and towels – it can also draw the eye upwards and make the room seem taller. Mirrored tall cabinets are also available, which in addition will make the room appear wider; a 3-in-1 piece of bathroom furniture.

Cupboard under the sink

– As we crave more space and less furniture and clutter in our bathrooms in this minimalist period, a cupboard or shelf under the sink- sometimes known as a washstand- is an impressive way to de-clutter. Washstands come in all different varieties, with the option of a shelf or a cabinet door, and using different materials including wood and glass. They are an extremely attractive storage solution, however the problem is they mostly can’t be implemented without installing a new basin, so maybe one to keep in mind for the future.

Open shelving with wicker baskets

– Wicker shelving and baskets are widely available and is a very popular choice for bathroom furniture. Some people don’t want an extravagant vanity unit, and prefer to keep it looking neutral with an affordable wicker option. These come in short and tall varieties, and again there are many options from draws to open shelving, depending on whether you prefer the products you are storing to be on display or not. Some people like to have open shelving made from a sturdier material, then place toiletries in wicker baskets that can easily be removed to search for products. If you find yourself with too many shelves and not enough toiletries to fill the space, then you can always buy decorative pieces, flowers or pebbles or a rolled up towel to brighten up the unit.