Vanity Units

A quality vanity unit is essential to any organised modern bathroom space. Fitting seamlessly into the room to create a sophisticated and practical storage solution. Whether freestanding or wall hung the right vanity unit is often one of the most important pieces of bathroom furniture. 

How to pick the best bathroom vanity unit for you.

What size is your bathroom?

The available space is the first thing to consider when you make your bathroom. If you have a small space, a compact vanity, toilet unit, or wall mounted vanity can give an excellent space-saving solution that will provide you with valuable storage space without taking over the entire room. However, if you have ample space, a double sink vanity unit may be a better choice and give a better finish to the room.

The shape of your room.

Not all modern bathrooms are the same shape, making fitting a challenge. Measure the space you have available, and keep this in mind when looking at the range of styles and sizes in the extensive collection. If you have an awkward corner, you may be able to utilise this space with an expertly designed corner sink cabinets. 

How to position your vanity unit.

When positioning your unit, it is a good idea to consider its main uses. Tasks like cleaning your teeth, washing and getting ready for the day ahead require a mirror and a little space. Therefore, try not to position your new vanity unit in the way of any doors or under a window, as this can make finding adequate space to fit a mirror difficult.  

Are floor or wall hung vanity units best?

The modern vanity is a practical solution and is available in two main types; the floor standing vanity and the wall mounted vanity. The more traditional vanity units are usually floor standing units that fit neatly around the sink to give you a seamless finish around your bathroom sink, with extra storage for all essentials. The wall-hung vanity units are perfect if you're looking to free up floor space in a smaller bathroom whilst still having that all-important storage. They often feature clever space saving options, which helps to create a clutter free, organised area. 

How to choose the right basin style.

Vanity units are a practical solution and provide a perfect place to keep toiletry products out of sight. The extensive range of vanity units come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your style and unique space; from the designer vanity to the traditional white and modern grey units with soft close doors.


Whether for a family space, a compact bathroom or a cloakroom, the single basin units are the option most people choose. The single basin and unit provide an excellent amount of bathroom storage without taking up too much valuable space. They are perfect for compact areas like a small bathroom and are available in a range of styles and designs to cleverly store all your essentials. 


These quality units feature two sinks to give a practical and highly functional additional storage option to keep your space tidy and are a delight to use, especially as you can have your own private sink! The bathroom cabinets are available in a range of colours and styles to fit in with your design, whether traditional or minimalist. 

Top Mounted 

The top mounted basin sits directly on the edges of the bathroom sink cabinet to maximise space and create a timeless look. They can be floor mounted, or wall mounted and are ideal for a compact space or to give a sleek modern focal point.  


The semi-recessed basin gives a larger sink area than the top mounted basin as the sink extends out over the unit. This design can be perfect for a family or a main bathroom where extra space is available. 


A countertop sink design has the sink sitting directly on top of the surface of the unit.  This arrangement fits well with the floorstanding design and creates an elegant basin and storage solution which can fit seamlessly and with a modern or traditional design. 

What Style of vanity units are available to me?

Freestanding Units:

These unit fits around the sink and are an excellent way to make your sink more aesthetically pleasing and to add practical storage into your bathroom in the form of shelves or draws. They can be available in both flatpack or fully assembled options which makes them quick and easy to give your bathroom a stylish focal point. 

Contemporary Units:

The contemporary range units have an abundance of natural woods, high glosses, monochrome finishes and come in an array of different colours. Add this to the clean lines, crisp edges and recessed handles, and you have an elegant range of vanity units, which are ideal for a sleek modern setting. 

Traditional Units:

For the more traditional setting, the Victorian and Georgian units are a practical and highly functional option to give you an authentic period feel. The classic designs with their beautiful curves, veneers and painted woods add an extra touch of class and are both stylish and practical for a more period setting. 

Draws or cupboards, which are best?

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, vanity units combine great storage and a practical surface, which helps to keep shampoos, beauty products and toiletries in one place. This extra storage can be vital in many compact modern homes where space needs to be utilised smartly. Whether you have drawers or shelves is really down to personal preference and the size of the items you would like to store, as both options will provide a good amount of storage which looks great. 

Take time to look at the storage space in your unit of choice and the products you would like to store; this will to ensure you have the correct amount of shelves or drawers required. Some shelves will be adjustable which is a great feature and can help you to create the right storage area for you. Soft close doors and draws can be an excellent feature and can help those lying in to have a restful time even while others are getting up. The soft close units are fitted with hydraulic hinges which enable them to close almost silently.  

How much does a vanity unit cost?

There are a wide range of bathroom vanity units available, and prices start from £80 for a single unit and go up to £2300 for the largest free standing double basin units. This gives you a wide range of options to make the best use of your bathroom space.

What is the size of a standard vanity unit?

The units are available in a variety of  sizes and styles to suit your taste, the space you have available and the storage you require, which makes it difficult to find a standard.

If you have lots of space a larger units with double sinks typically provide the most significant storage area and counter surface. The size range for the larger units varies by design but is usually from 600mm - 1200mm, with a depth of 350mm-450mm. 

The smaller units with the single sink can still provide lots of storage and counter surface to help make getting ready in the morning a breeze. They range from 400mm - 500mm, with a depth of 250mm-450mm on average.