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Wall Hung Vanity Units


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Items 1-24 of 723

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Why You Should Consider A Wall Hung Vanity Unit

This is a fairly reasonable question. There’s such a massive variety of different ‘types’ of these units available, what would make you want to consider a wall mounted variant? For one, they clear up floor space. Read More...

By mounting them further up on the wall they clear some space around the floor. It doesn’t make a massive difference, but it can make any environment feel slightly less busy and somewhat roomier.

Simple having more floor space visible can effectively deceive you into feeling like the room you’re in is bigger than it is.

They also bring with them another convenient benefit. They’re a simple storage solution. Having one or two drawers available where your sink would be occupying space anyway means that you’ve granted yourself more storage space. Without taking up vital space that could end up making the room look too busy. Storage space is always a particularly important commodity when it comes to bathroom design. After all, the more you have of it, the easier it is to keep your bathroom tidy. Which is one of the more obvious and easy ways to ensure that any room looks great.

Why Purchase From Us?

You might be sold on the concept of one of these units, but why would you shop with us? One particular reason is the massive variety of these units to choose from. We have plenty in a variety of different styles. This will ensure that no matter what “look” you’re trying to achieve for your bathroom, you’ll be able to accomplish it with us.