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Electric Towel Rails

Everyone deserves to be warm and cosy as they emerge from a bath or shower and this feat is easily enough achieved through the purchase of a heated towel rail. Such is the popularity of electric towel rails these days that there is a terrific selection to choose from. Ladder towel rails, flat heated towel rails, designer heated rails and even circular towel rails all come in polished/matt steel or chrome to add pizzazz to your bathroom – as well as heat and comfort to any bathers.


Heated towel rails are slim and, in some small bathrooms, are all the heating required to warm up the room. And unlike radiators they tend not to be too large which means they’ll heat up in no time at all.

They’re also especially good for the elderly population and others who have walk-in tubs since this often involves a lot of sitting around waiting for the water to drain before they can leave. As a result they to tend to get chilly. With a warm towel however, this wait could actually turn into a pleasure!

As an added bonus, a bathroom towel warmer could also double as a mittens, scarf and beanie warmer during the winter months.


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